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Post Covid-19 lockdown Weight Gains: United Kingdom government urges people to get healthier

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After many people’s waistlines grew during prolonged coronavirus lockdowns, the United Kingdom government is pushing them to eat healthier and become more active.


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s government is striving to clear up a backlog of operations and other procedures in the NHS and has been emphasising the public health implications of lockdown restrictions. According to the poll, snacking and comfort eating were the leading causes of weight increase.

According to a nationwide poll of 5,000 people conducted by pollster Opinium between July 2 and 8, 41% of adults in the United Kingdom have gained weight since the first March 2020 lockdown.

Lockdown weight increase is ‘No Surprise,’ according to health experts

“The past sixteen months have caused many to change their habits,” Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist of Public Health England, said in an emailed statement. “It is not a surprise to see so many people reporting weight gain.”

Government attempts to assist Europeans in “slimming down”


The United Kingdom has tried a variety of approaches to combat rising obesity rates. The average weight gain was around 4 kilos or roughly half a stone.

Television commercials

As part of its drive to assist people to lose weight, the NHS will air television commercials and provide healthy cooking ideas.

Apps are developed

The National Health Service has developed several apps and weight-loss programmes.

Ban on junk food commercial

The government recommended a ban on junk food ads on television in May, and several restaurants were asked to show calorie counts.

“The pandemic has been hugely challenging for everyone,” said Jo Churchill, the public health minister. “We want to make it easier for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle that works for them.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson shares his experience

Johnson stated earlier this month that he was “not attracted” to the idea of raising fees on unhealthy foods to modify the country’s eating habits.

The National Food Strategy, which the government commissioned, recommended that the country implement a sugar and salt “reformulation tax” and use some proceeds to expand free school lunches and support improved diets in low-income areas.

Johnson was admitted to the hospital in 2020 with Covid-19 and attributed the severity of his ailment to his weight. In October, he told a virtual Conservative Party meeting, “I had a very common underlying condition.” “I was too fat.”

Johnson said in March that he had lost weight by cutting off chocolate and “late-night cheese,” as well as increasing his physical activity.

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