Koijam Usharani, a four-times International gold medalist and 16-times gold medal winner Karate player has been forced to quit on her passion due to poverty and desperation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Koijam is a resident of Loitang Khullen Village in Manipur. She had to give up on the sport due to her family’s financial constraints and lack of government assistance and currently has taken up domestic work to help sustain her family in this crisis.

Usharani shared that she did not receive any help whatsoever from the government when she played for the state. Despite being selected innumerable times for International games, she had to let go of all those opportunities due to financial hindrances.

“I got disheartened and I was in depression as I had to quit playing and the situation got worse as I lost my mother,” Usharani told ANI. She further said, “I would like to request the government to help me and other players who are struggling like me.” At present, the gold medalist Usharani, is running a Karate Academy to train and help the poor children in her village.


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