On June 27, President Ram Nath Kovind visited his native village Paraunkh and in a rare and emotional gesture, bowed and touched the ground to pay respect to the land of his birth. As the President was addressing a Jan Abhinandan Samaroh in his village, the President remembered his background and said that Paraunkh was not just a village, but was his motherland, from where he drew inspiration.

He said, “I had never imagined even in my dreams that an ordinary boy like me from the village would get the privilege of discharging the responsibilities of the highest office of the country. But our democratic system has shown this by doing it”.

Kovind also mentioned that, “The credit for where I have reached today goes to the soil of this village and the love and blessings of this region and all of you… The smell of the earth of my village and the memories of the residents are always present in my heart. For me, Paraunkh is not just a village, it is my motherland, from where I have always been inspired to go ahead and serve the country”.

He further said that it was because of the inspiration his motherland gave, that took him from High Court to Supreme Court, from Supreme Court to Rajya Sabha, from Rajya Sabha to Raj Bhavan and from Raj Bhawan to Rashtrapati Bhawan.


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