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Pune: Abducted from railway station; 13-year-old girl gang-raped by 7

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A shocking incident took place in Pune district of Maharashtra, a 13-year-old girl was abducted and gang-raped by 7. What’s more shocking is that it continued for 2 days at different locations. 

About the kidnapping

On the 31st of August, the girl was kidnapped by an autorickshaw driver and was allegedly raped by a group of 7 people.  

Sources said that the girl was waiting at Pune railway station for a friend of hers and it was late at night when she was offered a ride back to her home because her friend did not arrive. 


Later, she was kidnapped. As per the sources, the girl was raped for two days. Based on the information provided by the victim. The arrest of seven accused was done. The arrested people were two employees of Railways and five autorickshaw drivers.

Statements made on the case

“On Monday night, three persons were detained for questioning about the crime,” senior inspector Deepak Lagad said in a press statement.

“The traumatized girl has not yet revealed how she reached the railway station,” Lagad said.

“An autorickshaw driver spotted her crying and offered to drop her back home. However, he took her to a lodge and raped her. Later, he called his friends, who took turns to rape the girl at various places before they left her on board the Pune-Jammu Tawi Jhelum express train around 5.30 pm on September 2,” Lagan said.

“On September 1, the girl’s parents had approached the police to report their missing daughter. We were investigating the matter and examined the CCTV footage in and around the railway station. We spotted the autorickshaw driver taking the girl, buying a ticket, and leaving her on the train,” he added.

Lagad mentioned about police

“The police sent wireless messages to all railway police stations along the train route. The Chandigarh railway police found the girl on September 4 and alerted the Pune police. A police team reached Chandigarh by air on September 5 to bring the girl back to Pune. She has narrated her woes to a woman police officer,” Lagad added.

Victim went through mental trauma

The victim was seen suffering from mental trauma and has been kept under observation in a hospital. The matter came to light after the girl went missing and her parents started a search for her.

The girl’s parents approached the police station on 1st September and filed a missing complaint.

“The accused took the girl to secluded areas, places with either a tree cover or a lodge. The girl was also raped in the autorickshaw and even on the premises of the Railways office. The suspects threatened to harm her and her family members as they continued to subject her to sexual abuse,” a report in Indian Express quoted a police officer as saying.

Recent rape case in Pune

Recently The Loni Kalbhor police arrested Mannukumar Manoj Singh (23) on the charge of raping a four-year-old girl. A complaint was filed by the girl’s mother to the police in the evening alleging Singh, who works as a helper in a private company, gave her daughter a pack of snacks and took her to his room, and raped her. “Singh spotted the girl in the area alone and offered her snacks,” a police officer said.

The girl narrated the incident to her mother after returning home. The mother immediately went to the hospital with her and approached the police, said a Police official.

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