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Confused about what you should do on this Rakshabandhan? Look at these 5 ways to gift your sister this Rakhi


Article by: Mayurankhi Handique, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Pallab Neog

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On this day, no matter how much you quarrel and annoy each other throughout the year, everything is forgiven. When your sibling comes bringing gifts, it’s hard not to forgive. Rakshabandhan is one of the most important days of the year since it celebrates the bonding between brothers and sisters, as well as siblings in general.


We choose to be in this Love-Hate Relationship! You’ve always found a way to annoy your sister, whether it’s yanking her ponytail or snatching the remote, imitating her manners, or getting into pointless squabbles. Haven’t you?

Raksha Bandhan has a long history

Rakshabandhan 2 Rakshabandhan The North-Eastern Chronicle

Raksha Bandhan has its origins in a well-known episode from the Mahabharata epic. Lord Krishna was once flying a kite when the string severed one of his fingers. To staunch the bleeding, Draupadi tore a piece of her saree and tied it around Krishna’s finger. Krishna was moved by her gesture and promised her that he would protect her from all evils for the rest of his life.

When sisters tie rakhi these days, brothers gift them with presents and sweets. Sweet foods are prepared at home, and everyone in the family is dressed in new clothing.

It happens on August 22 this year, on the full moon day or Purnima in the Hindu calendar month of Shravan. Every sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist on this day as a mark of her unwavering faith in him and her prayers for his long life. In exchange, the brother swears to always make her happy and to shield her from all harm throughout his life.

If you’re wondering what to get your sister for Rakhi, keep scrolling to find out! Surprise your sibling with the coolest present this Raksha Bandhan. We’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to gift your sister this Rakhi!

Personalised Bags

No lady has ever said, “I don’t want another bag.” A woman’s bag is one of the most important accessories she can have. But how can you make it even more memorable? So, engrave her initials or a personalized message on the bag. That, more than any fancy handbag, she will adore.

Organic Beauty products

A gift to pamper her! Organic beauty products are harmless and will be beneficial for her as they will remind her to take care of herself along with all the work she does. They are free of synthetic chemicals and helps nourish and maintain beautiful skin for your beautiful sister.

Cook something for her

You need to put on your chef hat this year and surprise her with her favourite dish, whether it’s Indian, Italian, Thai, or your own Maggi. Trust us when we say that cooking isn’t as tough as it appears. If you don’t want to spend money on a gift for her, this gesture will suffice.

Assist with her works

We all have tasks on the back burner that we never get around to finishing. May it be a presentation she is having trouble with or a science project for school or maybe one such undertaking is the creation of a vegetable garden or a terrace garden. It’s your turn to step in if your sister has been talking about a project for a long time but never seems to find the time to complete it or her day-to-day projects she needs help with.

The classic present – Chocolates!

No girl can ever say no to a box full of chocolates! Chocolates make girls happy because the sweetness of the sugar in chocolate makes them joyful and also helps them to cope with stress. May it be a box of Ferrero Rocher that she loves or kit-kats for the breaks in between her chores with a small note, that is enough to make her day.

Now go on and make this rakhi a memorable one for all the years to come and cherish the sibling love!

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