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Rape should be declared as a national emergency in India too

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Every year thousands of instances are enmeshed of sexual abuse in India. Sexual assaults and rapes are such disquietude acts that not only leave the victim physically assaulted but also emotionally traumatized and even dead. The cases in India are escalating rapidly towards violence. The worst part of such a heinous act is that most of the incidents go unreported and victims never get justice.

The Liberian President George Weah has declared rape a national emergency in the West African State. Cogent stratagems are actuated to combat the spiking instances of rape. President Weah affirmed that a special prosecutor for rape would be appointed in Liberia and national sex offender registry would be set up. The government would also establish a national security task force to look into the matter of sexual and gender-based violence. Hence, the pivotal concern arises as to when India would resort to such measures.

As per the statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 33,356 cases are reported in India. Woefully, the judicial process in India is leaden-footed and even some cannot afford the extortionate price. Howbeit, it takes years to provide justice to the victim. Such cases need to be dealt promptly. The Delhi gang rape case of 2012, Kathua rape case, Telangana rape case, Unnao rape case is some conspicuous incidents. Though justice is served to the victims, ergo the incidents of rape are not yet combatted. Yet the government in India is loath to formulate tweak measures.

The Liberian government has initiate awe-inspiring measures to put an end to the sprouting cases of rape. It’s high time for India to initiate alacritous course of actions to combat the rape culture.

Disclaimer: This opinion is a perspective from one end, everyone might not agree with the same. We respect each other and every opinion and look forward to hear it from our viewers.

Opinion by: Shahin Ahmed, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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