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Rape survivor from Nagpur performs self-abortion by watching YouTube videos; Case filed against accused

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At her home in North Nagpur, a 24-year-old rape survivor performed an abortion on herself, including snapping the umbilical cord, using YouTube videos as a guide. When the mother delivered the stillborn foetus in the seventh month of pregnancy, she was alone at home because her family had gone to Mumbai.

Her paramour, who is already married and has a kid from his second wife, buried the foetus. The rape victim said in her police statement that her lover had forced himself onto her on more than 50 occasions in various locations since 2016. After being arrested on allegations of rape on Thursday, the beloved, Sohail Wahab Khan, is now in the custody of the Yashodhara Nagar police station.

Compelled to abort

Khan, a driver, compelled the woman to terminate her pregnancy when she became pregnant, citing his inability to marry her right away because he was already married with a son.

According to police, Khan instructed the woman to cut the cord and detach the foetus from the corpse as depicted in the YouTube video. According to reports, the woman put her life in danger by cutting the cable with whatever she could find in her home and kitchen.

Police approached by family

Even though the crime occurred a few weeks ago, the family only learned about it recently and approached the police. Police invited a forensic team from the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, as well as the sub-divisional magistrate, to exhume the foetus’ remains from the Taj Nagar burial cemetery on Friday. The cops, however, were unable to locate it.

FIR registered

After the survivor’s family called the cops on Thursday, YashodharaNagar police registered a rape charge against the woman’s paramour Khan. “The victim’s family believed Khan had dumped her with false promises because he was already a family man with a child and didn’t have enough income,” said Yashodhara Nagar police station senior inspector Sanjay Jadhav. Khan and the woman had been dating for about six years, according to reports. Khan, a driver, has been married twice before. Khan married for the second time a few years ago after divorcing his first wife and having a son.

Khan had befriended the woman roughly six years ago, despite having been married twice previously, and had constantly exploited her promising marriage.

According to police, the woman stated that her lover had forced himself onto her after spiking her alcohol and had been exploiting her regularly. She claimed the abortion occurred on a family vacation while the rest of the family was abroad.

Despite excavating the site where the suspected paramour buried the pregnancy, senior inspector Sanjay Jadhav of Yashodhara Nagar police station said the foetus could not be found. “We tried to exhume the remains of the foetus for DNA testing, but we were unable to locate it. “We’re still looking for the foetus’ remains,” he said.

(The victim’s identity has been withheld to preserve her privacy, as required by Supreme Court guidelines in sexual assault cases.)

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