Heard about the age-old proverb as you sow, so you reap nothing can explain better than this video. An Indian Forest Service officer Sudha Ramen took to Twitter to share a video of a man in which he can be seen kicking a tree continuously to break it.

In the end, the man seems to learn his lesson as he was seen kicking the tree continuously to pull it down. While the tree does break at the end, it falls on top of the man, hurting him.

14 seconds long video which was initially shared on the Twitter handle of Idiots Fighting Things, laughing at the Twitterati’s. Sudha Ramen wrote sharing the video “All that you do comes back to you – Good and Bad.”

The video has over 14,000 views so far, with a user who wrote “That’s karma. The evil you do remains with you. The good you do comes back to you,”


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