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5 reasons why thrift shopping is awesome!

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“Fashion” is a fast growing industry. And being humans, we always have this urge to shop and keep up with the pace of this industry and own a wardrobe filled with fashionable and trendy clothes.

But doesn’t that burn a hole in our pockets! Therefore an alternate means of turning towards sustainable and pocket friendly fashion and shopping, has become a necessity in current times which can be achieved through thrifting–a new concept of buying second-hand clothing.

In the past using second-hand stuffs were looked down upon but in recent years youth has been drawn towards this practice that demand environmental friendly and a systematic change in society and culture.

Many of us love engaging in fashion in a more sustainable way which can be easily done through thrifting. It’s a great way to shop both sustainably and ethically.

Concept of thrifting in India


In India, the trend of ‘thrifting‘ picked up pace during the lockdown, when malls, local markets and several fashion websites were shut down. In India where thrifting initially didn’t receive much response as because India lacks physical brick-and-mortar stores.

Offline physical stores are common in western countries but are non-existent in India. Which ultimately benefits to only those who can access  the internet and pay digitally thus, reducing the number of people who can engage with this type of sustainable fashion. Instagram is however, providing a huge platform to thrift stores in India.

Benefits of thrift shopping

Thrift India shop The North-Eastern Chronicle

The youth, in particular, seems to be loving thrift shopping. Why would anyone anyways dislike such an amazing platform to fulfill one’s fashion taste buds in a cheap yet trendy way. Thrifting is now considered to be cool. Read on to learn some benefits of thrift shopping:

1) We may find our favorite celebrities’ dress at half of its price

Who won’t like to a buy a dress you have been eyeing on for months but can’t afford it at a very reasonable price. Thrifting surely benefits you to save money as well as look fashionable.

Despite being less expensive, second-hand items are often actually better quality than new ones. Also as clothes here are cheap therefore it allows you to explore variety. Thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt: you never know what you might find!

2) Thrifting allows us to explore diverse and unique styles

We might have seen our dress or shirt which we buy from regular shops or websites being worn by someone else too. But with thrifting we can explore various unique options.

As the sellers collect items from all over so there is more scope for us to find diverse options here. We’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces for our closet or our home in thrift stores. Sounds great!

3) We can find genuine vintage items

Finding a vintage piece at a cheap price is definitely a great deal. When we shop at thrift stores, we can often find clothing that was actually made in the decade but is coming back into style. Also we can find products which are no longer in production.

4) It is environmental friendly

Someone else’s trash is another man’s treasure. It is a great way to recycle. Through thrifting we can donate clothes we no longer wear and buy more clothes, eliminating waste in the process. It helps reduces the chemical pollution induced by creating and buying new clothes. A simple and easy way to go green.

5) Your purchase may help fulfill a charity purpose

Many thrift stores are non-profits that partner with local charities. So when we make a purchase from such stores, part of what we have spend goes to a good cause. We help local brands grow too. In this way, our shopping experience becomes more meaningful.

So isn’t thrifting awesome ? A win-win situation for everyone. Especially, for students and someone who has just started their career, thrifting is a savior.

Since thrifting is an effective way to shop fashion sustainably, it is perhaps in the best interest of both people and the environment in the long run if the practice of thrifting continues to flourish. As the great Natasha Bedingfield once said, release your inhibitions, Get creative and get thrifting. What’s your favorite part of thrifting?

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