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Report: Going Vegan can boost life by 8 months, Reduce Greenhouse Gases emission By 17%

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According to a report by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society, eating less red and processed meat in exchange for additional vegetables and fruits could improve an individual’s average life expectancy by 8 months while also lessening greenhouse emissions by 17%.

The report further states how climate change measures can enhance the health and save lives of people in the short and long term. 

It was published ahead of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, also recognized as COP26, from October 31st to November 12 which will be held in Glasgow. 

Initiative to tackle climate change

However, the report was based on 11 overseeing experts who studied evidence from a range of references around the health impacts of initiatives to tackle climate change. 

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As per the report, to the climate agenda if health is made fundamental, then actions taken to attain UK net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 which might have near-term advantages on human health while also deterring the world from a global climate catastrophe.

A report by Oxford University

According to an Oxford University study, people who eat meat are accountable for nearly twice as many dietary greenhouse gas emissions per day as vegetarians and about 2.5 times as many emissions as vegans (vegetarians who also refrain from consuming eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived items). 

The study reveals that people who eat more than 0.1 kg of meat per day about the size of a deck of playing cards, generate 7.2 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) each day, while vegetarians and vegans generate 3.8 kg and 2.9 kg of CO2e, respectively. That means, according to this study, the dietary emissions for meat-eaters are 50 to 54 % higher than they are for vegetarians and 99 to 102 % higher than for vegans.

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Everyone can halt climate change

Additionally, this means that everyone can help curtail climate change just by eating great-tasting plant based foods. 

A study published in New Scientist magazine indicates that each person can lessen the quantity of greenhouse gases that his or her diet contributes to climate change by up to 60% just by going vegan.

Moreover, eating vegan also enables stop animal suffering and improves and protects our own health. PETA call on world leaders to make sure that meat and dairy products are included in any plans they make for tackling greenhouse-gas emissions, but we’re also calling on individuals to share in the responsibility for a healthier planet by eating vegan.


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