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Riflewomen from Assam will now assist Army men in Kashmir in combatting militancy

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Army men in Kashmir have now got crucial support conducting security-related operations with woman soldiers from the Assam Rifles. Now woman soldiers too will assist the troops in maintaining peace in the Valley.

Hailing from Vardhman District of West Bengal, Riflewoman Rekha kumari, has served in Manipur and Nagaland before arriving in the valley a month ago.

As per the officials, the Rifle Women from Assam have been deployed in certain areas of Kashmir where they help the male soldiers in frisking women and children at motor-vehicle checkpoints where they help in the house to house searches during a cordon and search operations too.

She said while being part of the search operations, the riflewomen present the soft side of the armed personnel to the local populace. And further added, ” We are women and have to deal with womenfolk. So we start from that common ground. We have to be humane so that the local women repose their trust in us…We are here to serve them”.

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