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Wow Fact: Our right and left ears can hear and feel things differently!

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Our ears are not the same. No-one has a pair of ears that are completely 100% alike. They are always different in appearance. Similar to our limbs, they are not alike either.

Ears differ

right and left ears

Some people have ears which are more dissimilar than others, while some have ears that appear completely different. Some have disorders like Atresia and Microtia where either the external ear canal is missing or the outer ear looks unusual. All of this is dependent on the genes.

The ability to hear differs

Our ability to hear also differs. We do not have precisely the same capacity to hear on both of your ears. The hearing level is bound to differ, even if it is for a small margin.   

Sing to your left ear and speak to your right

ears right The North-Eastern Chronicle

According to an American study done on hearing in 3,000 newborns, our right ear is better at receiving sounds from speech than our left ear, on the other hand, our left ear is more sensitive to sounds such as music and songs. 

We have known for quite some time, the two halves of the brain receive sounds differently because of differences in the brain cells on each side. But, contrary to what was previously believed, the results from the study show that our ears play a much more important role.

“We always assumed that our left and right ears worked exactly the same way. As a result, we tended to think it didn’t matter which ear was impaired in a person. Now we see that it may have profound implications for the individual’s speech and language development,” said the leader of the study, Yvonne Sininger of University of California at Los Angeles.

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