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Planning for a romantic evening with your partner in Guwahati? Here are 5 places which you can visit!


Visual by: Rahul Haloi

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Thinking of going to romantic places with your girlfriend or boyfriend to spend some quality time together? Guwahati is the perfect place to have a good evening with views, fun, and good food.

Here is our take on the 5 most beautiful romantic places to visit with your partner.

1. Dighalipukhuri

romantic evening

1 Km from Guwahati Railway Station, this man-made lake is a gateway for any couple. The beautiful lake with a boating facility gives you a tad bit of romantic vibes. Surrounded by big trees giving shade and wind from the lake is always a soothing place to visit in any weather. It is cheap and convenient for college students too. It has become a tourist go-to place in the city.

If bored, a park is adjacent to the lake where you can have fun. Situated in the heart of Guwahati city this is the most loved place for all.

2. Alfresco Grand

Alfresco Grand romantic The North-Eastern Chronicle

Alfresco Grand is a beautiful cruise ride in the mighty Brahmaputra. This is a 1-hour ride in the river with two sitting areas. Couples can enjoy a slow ride in the river with live music, good food, and nature with a beautiful sunset.

This ride has become an attraction for tourists and people in the city. The cruise runs three times a day, lunch cruise, sunset cruise, dinner cruise. Sunset cruise opts for couples giving a romantic vibe.

3. Gandhi Mandap

Gandhi Mandap romantic The North-Eastern Chronicle

Situated at the top of Sarania Hills, this is a place to spend a peaceful evening in nature with your loved ones. You can see the best view of the city from the top. This place brings you close to nature and gives you private time with your partner.

For clicking pictures, listening to music and having a small picnic this place is going to in the city. You can also see the fourth highest Indian National Flag in India.

4. Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu romantic The North-Eastern Chronicle

To have a tasty, romantic meal of the day Radisson Blu is what you can go for. Different restaurants offer different types of food and cuisine. You can enjoy a swimming pool and food all in one place. Restaurants offer buffets that are pocket-friendly for couples.

5. Cafe Bellevue

cafe bellevue romantic The North-Eastern Chronicle

Eating and enjoying time with your partner with a mesmerizing view is what this is famous for. You’ll get the best sunset in the city from this cafe. Couples go on a date and enjoy a fun time there. The place is photogenic and has beautiful serving varieties of food. 

Couples can have a good time there with a view.

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