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‘Russia, The Global Superpower’ and its new Security Strategy: How will everything affect India?

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Russia, a country that never fails to show its dominance in the world, and that is only how its led by its President Vladimir Putin . Recently Russia unvieled its New Security Strategy. Now whats this Security Strategy does it will have any benefits or threat with India? Its creating a lot of queries among people.

Putin Modi The North-Eastern Chronicle

The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation is a strategic document outlining the means by which citizen society and state are to be protected from external and internal threats in every aspect of national life. First such document was presented in 1997, since then it is continuously upgraded. The current strategy replaces the previous one which was approved by President Putin in 2015.

Basically the main directions of the national security policy of the Russian Federation are the strategic national priorities, in the form of important social, political and economic transformations intended to create secure conditions for the Russian citizens’ constitutional rights, freedoms, and stable development of the country.

Highlighting some of NSS key measures

The new strategy document suggests Russia will demonstrate its ability to withstand foreign sanction pressures and work to reduce dependence on imports in the key sector of the economy.
As we know US and other countries have imposed some sanctions on Russia, with its new strategy Russia aims to fight those sanctions.

The new Strategy also deems the reduction in the use of dollar in Russia’s foreign trade as one of the means to secure country’s economic security. Now we all know about the rift between Russia and US, the new strategy dosent seem to stop it and might continue further.

In what appears to be another jibe at the United States, the new Russian national security strategy also suggested that the growing geopolitical instability and conflict is a result of a redistribution in global development potential, with countries that are losing their unconditional leadership said to be trying to prevent this from happening by hoping to dictate their own rules, to use unfair means of competition, to apply unilateral sanctions or to openly interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

The policy also pointed out that there are efforts by armies of some countries to disable critical information infrastructure in Russia, with foreign intelligence services, said to have intensified their intelligence and other operations in the Russian information space generally. The document stressed the legitimacy of using both symmetric and asymmetric means to suppress or prevent “unfriendly actions” by actors that seek to threaten Russia’s sovereignty or territorial integrity.

NSS relation with India

The new security policy aims to further expand strategic cooperation with India, while developing comprehensive partnerships with China. This policy seeks to create a process that ensures regional stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region, apart from different groups on a non-aligned basis.

It has also made a subtle reference to the India-China conflict. Risks associated with armed conflicts escalating into local and regional wars involving the world’s nuclear powers, suggesting the conflicts between India and China. As the new policy comes amid the over year-long standoff between India and China.

Now whether this new policy will help to further strenghten the relationship between India and Russia. How will Russia maintain a balance between India and China? Or whether China will enjoy prioritised relationship at the expense of India?

indiarust kgfE The North-Eastern Chronicle

Answer to these question still remains and only time will tell. But its a testimony that India is becoming a major force, that countries like Russia reckons it as a major factor, to expand their relationship with India.

Visual by: Pallab Neog

Article by Niladri Sekhar Dutta, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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