Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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What Is The Possible Solution To Save the Planet From ‘Climate Change’?

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If anything that’s going to surpass the Covid -19 pandemic then it would be ‘Climate Change‘, which is turning out to be the biggest epidemic of our times. Climate change is affecting almost every country in the world whether it’s developed or developing.  Doesn’t matter who it is or its socio-economic status. And now the world has got its first patient who has been diagnosed with ‘Climate Change’, yes you read that right!

In a very rare case, a woman from Canada has been facing issues with breathing. Residing in the Country’s British Columbia province she’s facing an underlying condition of asthma. Doctors, after examining the patient, asserted that she’s suffering from ‘climate change, which is possibly the first such case recorded to date. Due to extreme heat waves and bad air quality, the health condition of the patient deteriorated and is responsible for the symptoms.

• What and How has the diagnosis been led?

Dr. Kyle Merritt, who heads the Kootenay Lake Hospital’s emergency room (ER) department, had seen many cases previously where Canada’s heatwave has given rise to health issues like diabetes, heart failure, and so on. However, linking mortality or severe illness to heatwaves or air pollution is a struggle. 

Dr. Merritt in his medical report mentions “If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna keep falling further and further behind.”

The patient was struggling to breathe after the recent wildfires in Kootenays worsened her asthma conditions. The heatwaves combined with thick smoke from wildfires compromised air quality leading to deteriorating breathing function.

• Canada suffering from Heat Waves

Canada is often considered as one of the coldest countries in the world but since the last few months, Canada has faced Heatwaves where in some areas the temperature rose to almost 50 degrees. Now you must be imagining how this is possible in a country like Canada? let us know-how

In the southwest region of the Country in the state of British Columbia, there’s a village named Lytton. The latitude of the village is 50 degrees North, similar to London which simply makes its weather mild and cold.

But on June 29, the heat recorded an increase of 49.6 degrees Celsius in the village, the heat was so extreme that power cables melted even the roads cracked due to extreme heat. 

• Nearby forest of Caught wildfire due to heatwave

A Wildfire encroached on the village and the wildfire burned down 90 percent of the village and has been destroyed. Experts say ‘Climate Change’ is the root cause behind this extreme heat. While some say there could be several other reasons behind the extreme heat, ‘Climate Change’ can make this kind of Heatwave more frequent. There are hundreds of cases where people have died due to heatwaves in Canada

• UN action against Climate Change

Around 234 scientists have written an IPCC climate report to the United Nations. And nearly 200 nations have acknowledged its relevance. Now the question brings us how Climate Change will affect us? But before that we should answer how we can combat climate change and save the earth?

And per the Paris agreement the earth will get hotter by 1.5 to 2 degrees till 2040. The International Labor Organization says in India 34 million jobs could be lost due to Global Warming. According to a German article in 2018, India had to suffer a loss of 34 million dollars due to Climate Change.

To save the planet we have to learn more about, Impact of Deforestation, how to save the earth. UN General Secretary also said India could be a Global Superpower in fighting Climate.

So let’s plant more trees, a mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of Carbon diOxide. Focus on renewable energy as it is the future, putting solar panels on rooftop even government will give 30% subsidy for the rooftop solar panel. So it’s yours and our planet save it before we become the next patient of Global Warming.


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