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School teacher switches job to sell naked pictures; Earns ₹73 lakhs a month

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A school teacher of autistic children earns more than Rs 73 lakhs in a month by selling her nude photos. She claims the school salary is very less to run the house properly.

Necessity can make a person do anything and if the need is for money, then the person does not think what is right or wrong, good or bad. The school teacher from America came under compulsion and selected such a path that now she earns more money.

She was in teaching profession for 6 years

The teacher previously used to teach in a school, she was in this profession for six years, now earning more than Rs 73 lakh and she will not be going back to the teaching line again.

The woman was identified as Courtney Tillia who is a resident of Los Angeles, USA. Tillia used to work as a teacher, but the salary which they received was very less for which they had to face many difficulties to run the house.

Nude photos in social media

Courtney Tillia had opened her social media account on Instagram and on Twitter. In a unique way she started showcasing her nude and bold photos.

She slowly started earning huge responses and followers too. Later Courtney heard about an adult subscription site Only Fans, in which money can be earned by selling nude photos. She became a star within a year after making the account there and in a month earned Rs 73 lakh.

Support from husband

She admits that her husband supports her and motivates her. “I wanted to prove to the world that even after having two children, I look very glamorous and how I have maintained myself”, she said.

She previously earned in lakhs by selling farts video online

Presently she makes adult content with her husband and other women. Earlier, Lush Botanica, a YouTuber from America and an adult star has claimed that she earned more than $25,000 which is Rs 18 lakh by selling her farts online.

The American woman has said during an interview that all this has happened after a person had approached her to film a custom fart video. Although she disclosed in a YouTube video, she was hesitant to fart on camera but she went along with it.

However, the video got a positive response from the person and after that she was getting requests from other people offering her money to fart on camera.

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