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Salman vs. Selmon Bhoi: Court orders mobile game ‘based’ on actor’s hit-and-run case’ to be blocked

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Selmon Bhoi‘ is a name you may be familiar with. Yes, it’s a widespread slang term for Salman Khan memes popularised by troll pages and social media users. In an odd turn of events, it turns out that there is an online mobile game with the same name, and a Mumbai civil court has temporarily blocked access to the game since it is reportedly based on Khan’s hit-and-run incident. “Join Selmon Bhoi and his driver on the quest to: Kill,” according to the game’s description, which is still available on the Play Store.

The game will be relaunched after a civil court order is issued

The order was issued by civil court judge K M Jaiswal on Monday, and a copy was made accessible on Tuesday. The court ordered Parody Studios Pvt Ltd and its directors to refrain from disseminating, launching, re-launching, or replicating the game or any other content connected to the actor.

The court also ordered the game’s creators to remove the game from Google Play Store and all other platforms immediately. “Upon watching the game and its images, it prima facie matches with the identity of the plaintiff (Khan) and to the hit-and-run case connected to the plaintiff,” the court said. It further said Khan had never given his consent for the game.

“When the plaintiff has not given his consent for developing of the game, which is very similar to his identity and the case against him, certainly his right to privacy is being deprived and his image is also being tarnished,” the order said.

The game makers also utilised Khan’s name and notoriety for commercial advantage, according to the court.

The game makers also utilised Khan’s name and notoriety for commercial advantage, according to the court.

Khan had filed a court complaint against the game’s producers last month, claiming that the name and photographs presented in the game appeared to be his caricature version.

According to the programme, the game “Selmon Bhoi” is phonetically similar to Khan’s popular name among his followers, “Salman Bhai.”

The actor’s application, filed through law firm DSK Legal, stated, “The game creators knowingly acquired financial advantage by exploiting our client’s personality rights without requesting our client’s approval.”

The court ordered the developers to produce an affidavit in response to Khan’s plea and set a hearing date for September 20. Khan was acquitted of all counts in the 2002 hit-and-run case by the Bombay High Court in 2015.

Mrunal Atulrao Bodkhe and Chinmay Subhash Gawande own Parody Studios Pvt. Ltd., a Nagpur-based company. The firm, which was founded in December 2020, recently released a game called Selmon Bhoi, which is largely based on the Salman Khan hit-and-run case. Instead of people, blackbucks appear in the game’s tutorial. Salman is also involved in a case in which he was suspected of killing an endangerment victim  in Rajasthan.

We downloaded the game and played it for a few minutes to see if it resembled the actor or the case in any way. The following are my observations.

“This game presentation is only a fictional context,” says a statement in Hindi and English when you first install the game. Any motorist who tries to connect this video game to reality is an a**hole who should f**k themselves.”

The disclaimer’s text closely fits the company’s LinkedIn description, which reads, “We are a Game development company.” We don’t care about anything, as the title suggests.” Also, the top banner of their website reads, “Parody Studios — F**K Everything.”

Now let’s discuss the game


The game’s persona has a strong resemblance to Salman Khan and appears to be a spoof of the actor. “Selmon Bhoi is on a mission to end all life on Earth by bashing the heck out of every single BOO-life,” slim’s states the game’s description. When he was inebriated, the BOO-slims kidnapped Aish (who was usually sleeping on the sidewalk). Surely, he had battered her too severely, but love is love, and no one, not even Bach…ns, can separate two loves. These ruthless BOO-slims have to go! Embark on a mission with Selmon Bhoi and his driver to: Kill.”

Basically, the game requires you to move the car while avoiding obstacles such as trees and rocks. You must succeed.  Basically, the game requires you to move the car while avoiding obstacles such as trees and rocks. While going forward on the rotating earth, you must hit people or animals and gather coins. When you strike an obstacle, the car’s windows are destroyed, and the game is ended after three hits. Screams will be heard if you hit someone.

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