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Sidharth and Shehnaaz “planned to book venue” for wedding in December: reports suggest

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The relationship between Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill has been under full attention from the media since the actor’s sudden demise due to a heart attack on September 2. Despite the saddening situation, the couple’s previous plans for marriage have been making the rounds in media reports.

Heart-wrenching end to an incomplete story


On September 2, actor Sidharth Shukla passed away from a sudden heart attack. This took many by surprise as the actor is known for his great physique and healthy state. His sorrowful demise left millions of his fans heartbroken as they find it quite surreal that he has left them. 

On the following day, on September 3, he was cremated in the presence of his loved ones. Many scenes from the cremation have been doing the rounds in the media. However, one specific picture is a scene of Shukla’s rumoured girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill which is beyond heartbreaking.

According to reports, the couple made plans to tie the knot in December this year. Not only this, but reports also suggest that the couple were already engaged and were in the process of preparing for their wedding.

Moreover, as per an online report – the couple had only informed their close family members and were almost done with their wedding preparations. They also had booked a plush hotel in Mumbai for their banquet and other wedding festivities. The booking had also been planned for a period of 3 days. Thus, the two actors and their close friends and families kept this secret closely guarded.

Previous interview that might support the alleged rumor

In an interview with ETimes TV, former Bigg Boss contestant and singer Abu Malik had earlier shared that Shehnaaz wanted him to ask Sidharth to marry her. While recalling the time when Shehnaaz had told him to play the cupid for her and Sidharth, Abu reveals that she told him on March 22 last year, before the lock-down.

However, no one has solid evidence to justify the legitimacy of this story or if they’re just rumours. 

Shehnaaz mourns over the demise of her loved one

Despite the grim and heartbreaking situation, cameras captured Shehnaaz’s painful and heartbreaking actions during Sidharth’s cremation. Her love, affection and attachment to him can be felt by everyone and the cameras didn’t fail to capture the scene.

The actress was also seen crying uncontrollably once she reached the crematorial ceremony. Upon the ambulance’s arrival at the location, she kept on taking Sidharth Shukla’s name and even ran towards it. 

Additionally, more images of her in an undeniably fragile and harrowing state from the crematorium ground circulated online as she lay there almost lifeless on the ground post the rituals were performed.

Earlier, Aly Goni who was with Sidharth in Bigg Boss 14 took to Twitter to give his respects for the departed, he tweets, “Chehra jo hamesha haste hue dekha.. khush dekha… lekin aaj jaisa dekha bass dil toot gayaBroken heart stay strong sana.. #numb #heartbroken (sic),” after witnessing Shehnaaz’s downtrodden state.

Lastly, some celebrities close to the actress also revealed that she is in a really bad state after they went to meet her. 

Shenaaz’s reaction on the day she found out about his passing away

According to a report from Peepingmoon, Shehnaaz was the first person to see Sidharth’s unconscious body on Thursday morning, her first reaction was to put his head on her lap and try to wake him up. However, realisation struck her as his body was completely cold, immediately she informed his mother. 

Shehnaaz and Siddharth’s mother called up his sister and their family doctor declared him dead on arrival.

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