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STATE DESK: Arunachal Pradesh Congress demands apology from PM Modi; requests removal of ‘clean chit’ to China, Read in details about 8 states

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Read to know the latest news updates on all the states of Northeast India.

ARUNACHAL PRADESH: State Congress demands apology from PM Modi; requests removal of ‘clean chit’ to China

Arunachal state congress

The Congress demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested him to remove his clean chit to China, citing a Pentagon study that alleges China had penetrated Arunachal Pradesh by 4.5 kilometres. 

According to Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera, the prime minister must respond and provide timeframes for when the status quo ante on all of our borders with China would be restored by April 2020. 

The demand came after the Pentagon study was mentioned by Congress. 

The Pentagon has officially acknowledged the Chinese penetration to the US Congress in its yearly report, according to Khera. 

The settlements on the other side of the border serve a dual purpose; they house both civilians and the Chinese troops. 

He claimed that Tapir Gao, a BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh, wrote to the prime minister and the home minister in June 2020, alerting them of China’s incursions into Indian territory. 

According to Khera, both the prime minister and the home minister denied the violations, and Modi has given China a clean chit for 17 months. 

It may be noted that since April 2020, Indian and Chinese troops have been at odds in eastern Ladakh, and have even engaged in a violent combat in which several soldiers were slain. 

ASSAM: CBI Detains Former Assam’s CM Hiteswar Saikia’s Son after House Raid: Read 

ashok saikia raid state The North-Eastern Chronicle

The detectives of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Sunday, November 7, raided the residence of Ashok Kumar Saikia, son of former Chief Minister of Assam Hiteswar Saikia. 

The raid was conducted in connection to a scam case of ₹9.37 Lakh of Assam State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development (ASCARD) Bank loan. 

As per reports, the case has been registered at the Police Station of Paltan Bazar Case No. 202/1998. It was later handed over to the CBI in the year 2001 on the basis of complaints (No. 5/E/ 2001 and 6/E/2001) filed in the Kolkata Branch of the CBI. In 2013, Ashok Saikia was convicted in the 6/E/2001 case.  

Speaking to the media in the regard, Ashok Saikia said, “There were two cases registered against me. In the first, the court has already passed the judgement. Further, I made an appeal to a higher court in this regard and hence, I have nothing to say much about it.” 

He added, “The second case is about a loan case, in which I have already paid my pending dues both principal and interest after a settlement with the bank. However, the case is still pending at the court. CBI has sent me a notice and has asked me to appear before the court on November 9, 2021.”  

Saikia also produced a copy of the Assam State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Limited (ASCARD) bank letter, that claimed he had repaid the whole amount on 14 September, 2011. 

The statement had been issued on 10 October, 2015 and was undersigned by H.N. Borah, the then General Manager in charge. The CBI has detained Ashok Kumar Saikia, in order to conduct further interrogation. 

MANIPUR: State’s first private medical college to come up in Imphal West District 

On Sunday, The National Medical Commission (NMC) granted permission for setting up the first private medical college in Manipur. 

According to a report by Indian Express, the private medical college, Shija Academy of Health Sciences (SAHS), will be situated at the Health Village in Imphal West district’s Langol. Sponsored by SHRI, the medical college will have an intake capacity of 150 students per year. All necessary infrastructure is in place to begin the first academic session (2021-2022) from December, said Dr Khundongbam. 

Additionally, the Managing Director of SHRI said, “The main purpose of establishing the new medical college is to produce strong, empathetic, compassionate, socially and environmentally responsible research-oriented medical graduates and postgraduates… provide affordable quality healthcare, medical tourism to contribute to the state’s exchequer and for inclusive growth of the region.” 

“Every year there are over 4,000 medical aspirants in Manipur, out of which 150 students are selected as government nominees and over 400 seek admission outside the state or abroad,” he stated. 

“Based on an independent research, Dr Khundongbam said over Rs 500 crore is approximately spent outside the state annually for healthcare and medical education. Currently, it is estimated that about 700 Manipuri medical students are studying in China alone, he added. “The amount will be more if we include the expenditure for dental, nursing, paramedical students,” he added. 

MEGHALAYA: State’ Gears Up for Cherry Blossom Festival 2021 

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong is all set to make a comeback this year. This year’s event will be held from November 25 to 27 which will be heralded with competitions including singing, fashion shows etc. 

The Festival will be celebrated during the three-day event. Since its celebration, the Cherry Blossom Festival has become a hit in Shillong drawing visitors from every corner of the country every year. In 2020, the festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world. 

cherry blossom

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, too, took to Twitter to express his thoughts about the upcoming festival. He tweeted “Some beautiful #cherryblossoms around #Shillong in the past years. It’s almost Cherry Blossom season and the #Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival is back! Join us from the 25th-27th November, 2021.” 

Let’s see how Cherry Blossom enfolds this year: 

Festival Days: 25th to 27th Nov, 2021. Venue 1: Ward’s Lake : 10:00 am – 06:00 pm. Literature Festival includes Books , Language , Stories , Word. 

National Publishers, Literary Agent, Visual Artists Storytellers, Sustainable Fashion , Music and Lyrics , Booksellers  Film writing. Many other activities like reading Hub and include Library, Reading Corner, Bookshop. 

Illustrations  Short Stories, Essays, Painting Photography Singing, Fashion Show, Cosplay, Local Wine Making, Japanese / Korean Food, Mr & Miss Shillong Cherry Blossom 

Fashion Show by Upcoming Designers National and Local Performances across all 3 days including International Headlining Performances to watch. 

MIZORAM: African Swine Fever creates havoc in Piggeries across 11 District 

African Swine Fever state The North-Eastern Chronicle

On Sunday, the African swine fever (ASF) created havoc in piggeries across 11 districts of Mizoram and spread to 271 villages across the state in a span of just eight months. 

According to a report by Mizoram News, the disease has killed 29,694 pigs and 10,380 pigs have also been culled till today. 

“The first ASF outbreak was reported 100 years ago in Kenya. Symptoms of ASF are high fever, loss of appetite, hemorrhages in the skin and internal organs. An infected pig usually dies in 2-10 days. The disease has a mortality rate of 100 per cent,” report stated. 

“There are no vaccines or treatments available for the ASF and culling is the only means to curb an outbreak. ASF is not a threat to humans as it cannot be transmitted from pigs to humans,” the report added. 

NAGALAND: Social Media Rumours Results Hesitancy for Vaccination in Kiphire: Reports 

As India excels to vaccinate its entire population, the health officials of Kiphire District of Nagaland faces the challenge of vaccinating the mass as social media rumours has made the citizens to not get vaccinated 

According to a report by Times Of India, the first dose coverage in Kiphire district is the lowest in the country at 21% and hesitancy among Chirtstian followers is driven by a belief that they would be inoculated with a microchip engraved with the number 666, which is the ‘number of the beast’. 

“In our religion, 666 or the sign of the beast is anti-Christ. People are spreading the rumour that this is not a vaccine but they are injecting microchips of 666,” said Dr K Pewezo Khalo, district immunization officer, Kiphire. 

Additionally, these villages also fear the people will become sterile and die after two to three years of taking the vaccine. The second dose coverage on Saturday was 16% in Kiphire as little progress could be made in the first dose of vaccination. 

Khalo added that misbelief has been spreading since January. Except for doctors and nurses, he said even a section of health auxiliary staff stayed away from the vaccine. 

“We are translating the facts about Covid vaccine in local dialects and circulating the messages of public leaders and noted citizens through social media,” he said. 

SIKKIM: Sikkim Women’s cricket team finishes last in Women’s Senior One Day Trophy; wins 1, loses 5 ODI 

The Sikkim women’s cricket team finished last in the Plate group of the Women’s Senior One Day Trophy, losing five games and winning only one, against Arunachal Pradesh on November 3. 

Sikkim lost all five games, scoring only 33 runs against Jammu and Kashmir. 

Sikkim improved its batting by reaching 181 runs in the second game, but poor bowling and defending forced Meghalaya to chase their total with 5 wickets remaining. 

Sikkim was bowled out for 159 in the next game, which Nagaland chased down with 5 wickets in hand. 

Bihar scored 209 runs on November 4, fresh off their win over Arunachal in the previous match. 

Sikkim’s attempted chase was cut short by 36 runs, as the women’s team lost all of their wickets for 173 runs. 

Sikkim’s poor bowling and fielding in the last game resulted in Manipur scoring 240 runs for the loss of six wickets. 

The women’s squad missed up to a dozen runout opportunities, while Manipur’s middle order and tail took full advantage. 

TRIPURA: Police recovers dead body of missing carpenter in Boxanagar 

After a 12-day search, police discovered the body of Noton Das, a carpenter who went missing in a suspicious manner from a jungle in the Boxanagar region of Sonamura sub-division. The body was recovered in Manikya Nagar’s thick woodland, on the eastern edge of the Boxanagar ITI. 

According to reports, the police had previously captured Abhijit Das alias Kanu of Bagber under the Kaamchaura Police Station, and his body had been recovered. 

Noton went missing on October 25th after leaving home to meet someone in Boxanagar. His motorcycle was later found in a dense woodland near the ITI, but there was no way of knowing what had transpired. However, a comprehensive inquiry led to the discovery of the body and the solution to the riddle.


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