Thursday, December 2, 2021

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States to make their OBC lists after Lok Sabha passes 360-0 bill

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A demand was raised when the Lok Sabha passed a Constitution Amendment Bill 386-0 which restores the power of states to be able to make their own Other Backward Classes (OBC) lists.

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Lok Sabha raises demand for the bill to be passed


On Tuesday, the center said that it understands the sentiments but at the same time points out that constitutional and legal dimensions need to be studied as the Supreme Court was reluctant to relax.

However, Lok Sabha raised the demand and passed a Constitution amendment bill 386-0 to restore the power of states to make their own OBC lists.

According to Social Justice minister Virendra Kumar, Maharashtra will be able to put up its list which includes the Maratha community.

3virendra kumar OBC The North-Eastern Chronicle

Several MPs raised the demands of Jats, Patels, and Gurjars. The minister says that the government needs to reconsider this sentiment as the limit had been imposed 30 years ago and that there is a need to carefully consider its legal and constitutional dimensions.

Demands for proper carrying out and correction of caste census

According to Social Justice minister Virendra Kumar, the caste census needs to be carried out correctly to determine the proportion of OBCs and to publicize the details of the previous socio-economic caste census.

On the discussion of the 127th Constitution Amendment Bill after three weeks of disruptions, removal of 50% cap and an OBC or caste census to estimate the population of Mandal classes was the core of the debate when the Lok Sabha took up discussion

Furthermore, this bill is designed to negate the Supreme Court judgments from May 5 and to restore the power of the states to identify and maintain the ‘OBC state list’.

Unanimously, Lok Sabha passed the bill with no votes against it and 386 in favor. However, Shiv Sena’s Vinayak Raut’s amendment move for freedom to states to breach 50% cap has been negated with only 71 votes in favor.

Demands on the ceiling from the political class bars BJP

The government, through its speakers, said that the bill intended to offer OBCs their due. Moreover, BJP speakers argue that the bill is not a one-off measure and follows several pro-OBC decisions, the latest being reservations in All-India Quota in medical colleges.

On the other hand, Congress calls for the removal of the quota cap. Achir Ranjan Chowdhury sets the tone by saying that the Indra Sawhney judgment which had laid down the cap had overshot various exceptional circumstances. Therefore, the removal of the 50% cap was cited as a prime method.

4bhupendra yadav OBC The North-Eastern Chronicle

However, Environment minister Bhupendra Yadav lashes out at Congress for ignoring the interests of the OBCs for several decades.

Despite his accusations against Congress, DMK’s Dayanidhi Maran says that the BJP toppled the VP Singh Government due to its decision to implement the Mandal reservations.

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