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‘Stranger Wanted to Put My Face on his Credit Card’ says Muhammad Sarim Akhtar, aka ‘Disappointed Pakistani Fan’

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In the 2019 World Cup when Pakistan lost the match against Australia, anger ran through all the Pakistani fans in attendance, but one man in the galleria refused to show any emotions. With hands-on his hips and disappointment written all over his face, the fan perfectly summed up Pakistani’s slipped opportunity to win the match.

A two-second gif was all over the internet and two years later that disappointed man in the galleria became an internet sensation known as ‘Disappointed Pakistani Cricket Fan’ aka Muhammad Sarim Akhtar.

“After my name was leaked, I got thousands of friend requests on Facebook and my phone was ringing through the night. It went way beyond the cricket space, especially in countries like Uganda, Botswana, Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s relatable because it fits into any situation that involves an unpopular decision. One person in Europe asked me if he could use my face on his credit card so that my disappointed expression would prevent him from using his card too often,” Muhammad Sarim Akhtar shared how the meme has changed his life after he had gone viral.

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