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Supreme Court: Social media platform must be held accountable in spreading of hate speech, disrupting messages

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The Supreme court on Thursday gave a verdict on social media platforms about the potential to influence public opinion which must be held accountable for the spread of disruptive messages and hate speeches.

The supreme court gave the verdict looking after the noting attempts by Australia, the UK, and the US reigning in social media platforms and complaining about the free speech advocating democracy.

While dealing with the controversy over the Delhi Assembly committee summoning Facebook Vice-President Ajit Mohan for the spread of hate messages during the Delhi riots, a bench of Justices S K Kaul, Dinesh Maheshwari, and Hrishikesh Roy said, “Entities like Facebook have to remain accountable to those who entrust them with such power.”

Writing the judgment, Justice Kaul said, “While Facebook has played a crucial role in enabling free speech by providing a voice to the voiceless and means to escape state censorship, we cannot lose sight of the fact that it has simultaneously become a platform for disruptive messages, voices, and ideologies.”

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