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Surprising! Keralites drank alcohol worth Rs 72 crores on the very first day of bars and liquor outlets re-opening after two months of lockdown

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After bars and liquor shops remained closed for nearly two months due to the Covid induced lockdown measures, liquor outlets owned by the state-run Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BevCo) and bars reopened for the public on Thursday. And what followed was a mad rush – BevCo outlets across Kerala saw a large turn out of customers queuing up to buy liquor.

At several places, the queues were as long as a few hundred meters with Covid-19 protocols being followed such as social distancing while they waited for thier turns to buy the alcohol. The crowd seemed to be really happy with the reopening of the shops.

When asked to one of the men, he said: “It was tough as I did not have any stock of liquor. Today, I feel some sort of fresh energy and have been waiting for a while in the queue to collect my stock,” he further added that all the Covid protocols are being followed as he waved a small bottle of sanitizer and pointed out that the social distance is also being maintained and not to mention he showed that he has two masks.

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