Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Taliban flies US Black Hawk chopper with body hanging from rope; scary video goes viral

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Another video has arisen in which a US Black Hawk helicopter can be seen flying over Kandahar in Afghanistan with a body dangling from a rope beneath. 

A few columnists have shared the video on Twitter asserting that the Taliban have killed a man and balanced him from the US military helicopter they took out to watch the Kandahar territory. 

The recording purportedly shows a man hanging from the US military chopper as the Taliban fly it over the Kandahar territory. The video shot from the beginning shows the man attached to the chopper to be alive, however reports have asserted that the Talibs had tied the body of a man that they had killed. 

Be that as it may, the recording shared by the Talib Times, a Twitter account professing to be subsidiary with the Taliban, said, “Our Air Force! Right now, the Islamic Emirate’s aviation based armed forces helicopters are flying over Kandahar city and watching the city.” 

Fact checks

The video shows a Taliban member being suspended from a helicopter and thus was shared by many media outlets as an American interpreter who was thought to be ‘hanged’ to death.

Examining the helicopters

Hawk chopper

Not long after the withdrawal of the US troops from Kabul air terminal, the Taliban entered the premises and inspected the Chinook choppers and other safeguard gear abandoned by the US Army. Recordings showed the Badri 313 Battalion warriors inspecting the helicopters. 

Afterward, after the Taliban warriors assumed liability for the Kabul air terminal, recordings arose showing the Talibs hustling vehicles and different vehicles on the Kabul air terminal runway. The Taliban chiefs emblematically strolled on the runway to announce triumph after the 20 years of battle in Afghanistan. 

Another video shared by news agency

One more video shared by news office AFP showed scores of US military choppers, airplanes and other safeguard frameworks lying inactive in the shelters of the Kabul air terminal as the Badri 313 warriors stroll around. 

Before sunrise broke, vigorously furnished Taliban warriors strolled through sheds, passing a portion of the seven CH-46 helicopters the US State Department utilized in its clearings prior to delivering them unflyable. 

The Taliban are currently in full control of Kabul’s worldwide air terminal after the last US plane left its runway, denoting the finish of America’s longest conflict.

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