Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Kabul appears to be more secure under Taliban than it was under Ghani: Russia

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Russia’s minister to Afghanistan lauded the Taliban’s lead on Monday and said the gathering, still authoritatively assigned to a psychological militant association in Russia, had made Kabul more secure in the initial 24 hours than it had been under past specialists. 


The remarks by Ambassador Dmitry Zhirnov mirror an undisguised exertion by Russia to extend its grounded attaches with the Taliban while holding back, for the present, of perceiving the hardline Islamist bunch as the real leaders of a country. 

Moscow itself fell flat into control before the Soviet Union pulled out its last powers in 1989. 

Not a Launchpad for other Islamist groups

Russia needs to guarantee that the insecurity in Afghanistan doesn’t pour out over into Central Asia, a piece of the previous Soviet Union it views as its own terrace, and that it doesn’t turn into a launchpad for other outrageous Islamist gatherings. 

Russia has said it was astonished, in the same way as other different countries, by the lightning speed with which the Taliban held onto control of the nation, even as U.S. powers were all the while attempting to clear American residents. 

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”Good, positive and business-like”

Addressing Moscow’s Ekho Moskvy radio broadcast, Zhirnov said he had been dazzled by the Taliban’s lead up to this point, portraying their methodology as “great, positive and professional.” 

“The circumstance is serene and acceptable and everything has quieted down in the city. The circumstance in Kabul now under the Taliban is superior to it was under (President) Ashraf Ghani,” said Zhirnov. 

Ghani escaped on Sunday, saying he needed to forestall bloodshed

“Recently the system fell like a place of cards,” said Zhirnov. “There was an inclination of confusion, a force vacuum, and thieves came out in the city.” 


He said at first unarmed Taliban units had entered the capital and asked the government and U.S. powers to give up their weapons. The primary furnished Taliban units entered later once Ghani had escaped and had forced a check-in time, he said. 

Zhirnov said the Taliban had effectively assumed responsibility for the security border with the Russian Embassy, which has more than 100 staff, and that he would hold definite security chats with them on Tuesday. 

In accordance with prior arrangements, the Taliban had guaranteed to secure Russian negotiators, he said, saying Western apprehensions about their conduct had so far not been borne out. 

New Normal

He said schools in Kabul, including those for young ladies, had begun working once more. 

Russia’s international safe haven in Britain has said Washington’s Afghan leave shows its international star is on the meltaway. 

“The target the truth is that Washington’s agreeable situation of U.S. authority is subsiding into the past against the background of the fortifying political places of Russia and China,” the international safe haven said on Twitter on Sunday. 

On Monday, Zamir Kabulov, President Vladimir Putin’s uncommon agent on Afghanistan, said that Moscow’s long mission to fabricate attaches with the Taliban showed up now to be paying off. 

“It’s not in vain that we’ve been building up contacts with the Taliban development throughout the previous seven years,” Kabulov disclosed to Ekho Moskvy. 

“We saw that this power would eventually if not totally come to power would assume a main part in the fate of Afghanistan regardless.”

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