Monday, October 18, 2021

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An Afghan woman who has come India reveals that the Taliban used to have sex with dead bodies

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A woman from Afghanistan comes to India to escape the Taliban rule and also expose their having sex with dead body practices. She also reveals her reasons for fleeing the country given that her life was on the line.

Necrophilia practice amongst Taliban

sex with dead bodies

According to a report by News18, a woman called Muskan who came to India to escape the Taliban rule reveals that the Taliban had sex with corpses i.e., necrophilia. Muskan used to work in the police force in Afghanistan and now lives in New Delhi.

The woman also reveals that the Taliban either picked up women or shot them. According to her, the Taliban want to get their hands on every woman from every family.

Moreover, Muskan gives a horrible nightmare-ish description of the situation back in her home country, she says, “They rape dead bodies too. They don’t care whether the person is dead or alive… Can you imagine this?”

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The fragility of a woman’s fate in Afghanistan

womans fate in Afghanistan sex The North-Eastern Chronicle

According to Muskan, her life was threatened by the Jihadist group which resulted in her leaving her job and fleeing the country.

She says, “When we were there, we received numerous warnings. If you go to work, you are under threat, your family is under threat. After one warning, they would stop giving any warning.”

Back in 2018, another woman who had come over to India said that the Taliban shot her father dead all because he worked for the police. The woman’s uncle who worked for the Afghan Army was also shot dead due to having such relations with the Afghan government.

Hopes to save lives amidst fears of persecution of women

According to reports, the co-founder of the lone all-girls boarding school in Afghanistan burned all the documents of her students in hopes to protect them and their families as the country is engulfed in fear over the persecution of women after the Taliban took over.

The principal of the School of Leadership Afghanistan (SOLA), Shabana Basij-Rasikh says that the main purpose for her actions was not to erase the students’ documents but rather to protect her students and their families.

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