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Shocking! Taliban allegedly shoots Afghan pregnant policewoman in front of her family

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As per reports, an Afghan policewoman who was pregnant was shot dead by the Taliban in front of her family and relatives in Ghor province, an Afghan journalist informed in a tweet.

“Negara a police officer was shot dead infront of her kids and husband last night at 10PM in Ghor province. Negara was 6 months pregnant, she was shot dead by the Taliban,” leading Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary tweeted on 5th August citing her family members.

pregnant Taliban The North-Eastern Chronicle

Taliban claims ofno involvement in Negar’s death

According to BBC reports, the Taliban said that they had no involvement in Negar’s death and are investigating the incident.

Spokesman Zabiullah Mujaheed said: “We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing.”

He also added that the policewoman could have been killed because of “personal enmity or something else” saying that the Taliban had already confirmed amnesty for people who worked for the previous administration.

Relatives supplied graphic images of Negar’s body showing blood spattered on a wall of a room. The family says Negar was 6 months pregnant and was working at the local prison. 

 Witnesses told the BBC that the Taliban beat and shot the woman dead in front of her husband and children on 4th August as others were scared of speaking out for fear of retribution. They said three men holding guns arrived at the house on that day and searched it before tying up members of the family. They were heard speaking Arabic, according to a witness cited by BBC. 

The incident comes after protest in Kabul

This horrific incident comes after a woman activist, Nargis Saddat was seen in a video with blood streaming down her face as she was beaten up by the Talibans while she was participating in a protest seeking political rights under Taliban rule. 

The Videos of protest shared on Twitter showed armed Taliban fighters beating up the women and girls who were part of the protest. They snatched their posters, too.

 Afghan women demanded that they get their rights to education and hold offices bearing the placards and raising slogans.

Women starts buying more burqas out of fear under the Taliban’s rule


The Taliban have said they will protect women’s rights and create an inclusive government but this seems to be false assurances. 

According to reports, Women started buying burqas out of fear that the Taliban would beat them up and kill them if they were seen without hijabs or burqas, something similar to what used to happen in the country in the 1990s.

Taliban’s rule for women

women attending private universities to wear niqab 1 Taliban The North-Eastern Chronicle

According to AFP, the Taliban group has ordered that women who attend  universities have to wear an abaya robe and niqab covering the face.

They also have separated classes based on sex, or at least for male and female students to be divided by a curtain and have ordered to maintain distance from men. 

After that the Taliban have ordered that the female students should only be taught by other wome, or by “old men” of good character.

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