Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis Updates: US Military completes withdrawal from Afghanistan

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The US military has finished its withdrawal from Afghanistan to end a fierce 20-year war – one that began and finished with the hardline Islamist Taliban in power, in spite of billions of dollars spent attempting to remake the contention wracked country. 

“I’m here to declare the finish of our withdrawal from Afghanistan and the finish of the tactical mission to clear American residents,” US General Kenneth McKenzie told correspondents Monday Washington time. 

“Around evening time’s withdrawal implies both the finish of the tactical part of the departure yet additionally the finish of the almost 20-year mission that started in Afghanistan not long after September eleventh, 2001.” Mentioned by him. 

Actual deadline

The last flight left at 1929 GMT Monday – not long before the beginning of Tuesday in Kabul, he said. 

The withdrawal preceded the finish of August 31, the genuine cutoff time set by President Joe Biden to call time on America’s longest conflict – one that at last killed in excess of 2,400 US administration individuals. Biden said he would address the country on Tuesday in Washington 

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis: US drone strike cleared out Kabul family, sibling says


At the point when Ezmira Ahmadi got back after working all day on Sunday evening in Kabul, the standard gaggle of screeching youngsters were holding on to welcome him – his children and girls, and a large number of nieces and nephews. He maneuvered his white car into the carport of an unobtrusive house in Kwaja Burga, a thickly populated area in the northwest of the Afghan capital, and gave the keys to his oldest child to leave. 

Adolescents climbed into the vehicle – imagining the leaving routine was an undertaking – while Ezmarai watched from the side. 

Then, at that point suddenly in the Afghan sky, a rocket came shrieking down – hitting the vehicle with a horrendous power and devastating the existence of 10 individuals in a moment. 

The United States said Sunday it had obliterated a hazardous loaded vehicle in an air strike, foiling a bid by the Islamic State to explode a vehicle bomb at Kabul air terminal. 

Taliban celebrate overcoming the United States

The Taliban gladly discharged firearms into the air and offered expressions of compromise on Tuesday, as they commended overcoming the United States and getting back control following twenty years of war that crushed Afghanistan. 

The remainder of 6,000 US troops who managed a frantic clearing exertion flew out of Kabul air terminal on Monday night, finishing the conflict that has reduced the United States’ status as a superpower. 

Taliban warriors immediately cleared into the air terminal and shot weapons into the sky in celebration, an astounding return after US powers attacked in 2001 and overturned the hardline Islamists for supporting Al-Qaeda. 

Exercise for trespassing

“Congrats to Afghanistan… this triumph has a place with us all of us,” representative Zabihullah Mujahid told correspondents hours after the fact from the runway of the air terminal. 

Mujahid said the Taliban’s triumph was a “exercise for different trespassers”. 

Anyway the Taliban have over and over guaranteed a more lenient and open brand of rule contrasted and their first spell in force, and Mujahid proceeded with that subject.

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