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Imtiaz Ali reveals how he shot an intense scene of Tamasha with Deepika and Ranbir; Read to know

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Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor were one of the most stunning couples ever to grace Bollywood! Even now, when the two have settled into their separate lives with their own partners, their chemistry works wonders!

They dated for nearly two years before splitting up due to Ranbir Kapoor allegedly cheating on Deepika Padukone with Katrina Kaif! Deepika Padukone was extremely shattered and depressed following the breakup!

Tamasha was a film that the two were seen post their breakup, and the scenes between Ved and Tara in the film were highly true to their own personal problems!

Deepika and Ranbir

Imtiaz Ali spills the beans on Tamasha’s most epic scene, in which Deepika Padukone appears to be on the edge of breaking down!

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Imtiaz Ali revealed the scene was shot over two nights in an interview with a media outlet over a year ago. He admitted that he had to cut pictures, even fantastic shots, to keep Tara from breaking down.

Because there would have been no recovery if she had, Ali explained. “This sequence was shot over two nights,” he told the portal. Tara gets to a point where she starts crying. It had to be negotiated to get her back to the point where she wasn’t sobbing, and then to get her back across that bridge of breaking down.

imtiaz 2 Deepika The North-Eastern Chronicle

As a result, I was keeping an eye on her and was aware of her emotional state. Because there would be no recovery if she broke down, I was always cutting a shot, sometimes even wonderful shots.”

The scene is described as “cruel”

The filmmaker claims that even though the scene wasn’t finished and only half-baked, Deepika and Ranbir improvised and added minor details during a reading to make it what it is now, such as the entire pursuit scenario and the specific moment when Tara falls to the floor and sobs violently.

The moment is “cruel,” according to the filmmaker, because Ved is aware of what he’s doing and how he’s treating Tara.

But, despite his comprehension of what is going on, he is powerless to stop it, and in the process, the two sides of Ved’s character become crystal evident to the audience.

While Tara, who recognises that there is something special between the two, is unable to let go and is aware that anything she says would set Ved off.

Deepika Padukone and Abhinav Bindra Talk About Mental Health

Deepika Padukone, an outspoken supporter of mental health awareness and a tireless campaigner for the de-stigmatization of mental illness, recently spoke with Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra.

On her Instagram page, the actress uploaded a clip from the chat.  On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the video will be released (October 10).

“The 2021 The Live Love Laugh Foundation Lecture Series starring Abhinav Bindra,” the actress captioned a clip from the session. This is a release for World Mental Health Day. “Be on the lookout.” Her post included the hashtags #WorldMentalHealthDay and #LLLFoundation.Abhinav Bindra may be seen in the video recalling what his mother once told him. “She comes up to me, and I’m grumpy and on the verge of tears, and she says, The most you could have won today was silver or bronze, but you’re going to win a gold medal in four years,” he added. I simply ceased to speak. It actually happened four years later, so never argue with a mother’s instinct.”


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