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Genius! Tamil Nadu panchayat turns trash into electricity; generates 600 units of electricity in a week

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Tamil Nadu’s Kanjirangal panchayat has set an example of sustainable waste management by producing electricity from trash, which is now a topic of discussion among the people of the entire country. 

600 units of electricity within just a week


Panchayat, with eight villages in the Sivaganga district, has produced 600 units of electricity within just a week. 

This initiative of the people who are a part of the panchayat is helping in the proper disposal of waste and turning it into electricity by reducing the bills.

Villages benefited by the initiative taken by the Kanjirangal panchayat

Eight villages witnessing this amazing work by Kanjirangal panchayat are – Kanjirangal, Kakkanji Colony, Arasanipatti, Darasatha Nagar, Thendral Nagar, Elanthangudipatti, Kamarajar Colony, and T Pudur – with more than 14,000 people who produce about 500 kg of garbage every day.

It was a brilliant idea by Sivaganga District Collector P Madhusudhan Reddy to generate electricity after getting to know the villagers who did not have any place to dump their waste.

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65 lakh was invested for the setup

panchayat Trash into electricity panchayat The North-Eastern Chronicle

65 lakh was invested by the National Rurban Mission to set up an electricity-generating unit on Tirupattur Road, which is opposite the panchayat office, in order to convert waste into electricity.

Sanitation workers collect biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes from residents’ doorsteps to give them to the electricity-generating unit.

The biodegradable wastes are turned into biogas, which are used while producing electricity. Later the byproducts are sold as pesticides without wasting anything.

From two tonnes of garbage, the unit can generate up to 200 units of electricity. 

Panchayat chief KSM Manimuthu on a release

 “Rs 12 lakh can be saved on electricity bills in the eight villages if 200 units of power are generated regularly. This initiative helps in the proper disposal of waste and reduces electricity bills. Providing pesticide from this process will be added revenue to the panchayat.” said Panchayat chief KSM Manimuthu to India Today TV,

“The money saved in this scheme can be used to develop the panchayat,” added Manimuthu.

Panchayat is also working hard to get more waste materials from Sivagangai municipality so they can fulfill their requirement of two tonnes of waste each day.

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