On June 14, a tribal man from Ghanpur village of Adilabad district in Telangana tied the knot with two women identified as Usharani and Surekha at the same time in the same ‘mandap’ in presence of family members and villagers with all the rituals and formalities. Arjun is a BEd degree holder and is preparing for competitive examinations too. According to the reports, the man fell in love with both the women and therefore got married to both of them on the same day.

News agency ANI quoted Pandra Jaivantharao, the Mandal Praja Parishad that “both girls wanted to get married to him and had no issues being wives to the same man. Adivasi tradition allows for such marriage.”

Both also fell in love with Arjun and were dating him for the past 4 years but when the latter’s family decided to get him married, the trio did not know what to do. Arjun, however managed to convince both the women’s family and they decided to agree and both the women married to him. Although this is not an usually heard concept in metros, there have been several such incidents in tribal community often.

Picture credits: ANI


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