Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Terrifying! House in Argentina collapses into sea; video captured by neighbour goes viral

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A shocking video has captured the moment a house fell off an Argentine cliff in the resort town of Mar del Tuyú and into the ocean. Rising sea levels reclaimed the land by swallowing the two-story house – built between the 1960s and 1970s – whole.

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How it played out

In the video, the building begins to lean towards the sea and cracks as the water weakens its foundations.

Just moments later, the house breaks away from the adjoining garage before quickly falling off the cliff and plunging into the dangerous waves below.


Footage captured in Mar Del Tuyu, Buenos Aires, shows the house’s collapse into the South Atlantic Ocean as the ferocious waves batter its foundations on July 28.

No Casualties

Terrified neighbors recorded the moment the house broke apart.

According to local reports, no injuries were reported as owners of the property were not inside when the incident took place.

The neighbors tried to reach out to the owners of the house to remove their belongings, La Nacion reported. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it on time before the structure collapsed and was washed away in the sea.

Cause of the Accident

This accident can be attributed to the ongoing erosion and high tides along the coasts.

The occurrence of coastal erosion is dependent upon the balance between the resistance, or erodibility, of the coastline and the strength, or erosivity, of the waves and tides affecting the area.

Coastal erosion typically results in a landward retreat of the coastline. This increases the risk of coastal flooding and results in loss of land and damage to buildings, infrastructure, and agricultural land.

Representative Image

Sudden coastal erosion events, particularly those in the vicinity of coastal cliffs, directly endanger the lives of people.

The movement of saltwater into freshwater areas (saline intrusion) can occur during coastal flooding and can impact the biodiversity of previously freshwater or terrestrial ecosystems.

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