Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Amazing! Tesla to launch Rs. 18 lakh Electric car without steering wheel

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Tesla plans to launch its cheapest car till now, which would cost just about Rs 18 lakhs, equipped with the newest battery cell and without a steering wheel.

According to a report by Electrek, Tesla CEO and tech mogul Elon Musk is also working on taking the self-driving experience to new heights as the upcoming vehicle will be fully automated and without a steering wheel.

Mask promised to launch this model last year


While the vehicles of Tesla seem like a never fulfilled dream for middle-class people, recent reports suggest that soon the prices of the same might be slashed. 

Last year, during the Tesla Battery Day event, Musk promised that the EV (electric vehicle) maker will produce a $25,000 car that will be entirely self-driving.

Unofficially monikered ‘Tesla Model 2’, the $25,000 car has been matched with a new electric hatchback that Tesla has been planning to manufacture at Gigafactory Shanghai in China and export it globally. 

Why has the price reduced?

Tesla’s brand new battery cell from its new cell manufacturing unit will bring down the costs by 50% which is quite Impressive and also responsible for reducing the cost. Currently, Indians spend Rs 50 lakhs for the lowest-priced vehicle, Model Y. The government charges 60% import tax on Tesla cars above Rs 29 lakhs and 100% on cars above this range. In a recent meeting in August between the Central government and the company, the former advised considering importing partially built cars for exemption in taxes. 

New model to be all-automatic

Musk has also given surprise as he plans to launch the new model and hit the road without a steering wheel. Notably, the cars will be all-automatic and go fully driverless. Besides, the cars will be a hatchback version instead of a sedan like Model X and Model S. As per reports, Tesla will commence production by 2023 from its manufacturing unit Gigafactory in China’s Shanghai, the global shipping will also start from here. 

Tesla got the Centre’s approval last month for four of its variants. But the Tesla Club India reports on Twitter that the variants are not disclosed till now. The company currently provides four variants, namely Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3, with the Cybertruck in process.

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