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The Dark Story: Why Chris Watts murdered his whole family? Read to know!


Article by: Swagata Borah, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Pallab Neog

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Homicide, is a widespread term and is referred to the murder of one human being by another. However, it may also be used to refer a noncriminal act as well as the criminal act of killing.

There’re tales across the globe, listening to which may give you chills such is the story of Chris Watts.


Chris Watts or Christopher Lee Watts and Shanann Rzucek were from North Carolina – Christopher from Spring Lake and Shanann from Aberdeen.

As per the reports, the couple met in the year 2010 and were married in Mecklenburg County on November 3, 2012. They had two daughters: Bella Marie Watts (born December 17, 2013) and Celeste Cathryn “CeCe” Watts (born July 17, 2015).

The horrific murder

christopher lee watts killed his family murder The North-Eastern Chronicle

The Watts family resided in a five-bedroom home in Frederick, Colorado, which they purchased in year 2013. Christopher worked as an employee at Anadarko Petroleum, while Shanann worked from home selling a product called Thrive for the multi-level marketing company Le-Vel.

It was one day when his pregnant wife along with the two daughters disappeared.

At first Chris completely denied any involvement in his family’s disappearance but then ultimately confessed and pleaded guilty to the murders, resulting in a quintuple life sentence in maximum-security prison without the possibility of parole.

He claimed that he killed his wife Shan’ann as revenge after she had smothered to death 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste, but eventually admitted that he had killed all three, then hidden their bodies at the oil storage facility where he worked.

Chris has also revealed in letters from prison that he had been planning to kill his family for at least a few hours before doing so.

Chris’s letters

christopher watts jailed 1 murder The North-Eastern Chronicle

In one of the letters wrote by Chris to Cadle it was written that, the night before he killed his wife and daughters, after putting his daughters to bed, “I walked away and said, ‘That’s the last time I’m going to be tucking my babies.'”

He added, “I knew what was going to happen the day before and I did nothing to stop it. I was numb to the entire world,” according to a copy of the letter published by The Daily Mail.

Likewise, in another letter obtained by the outlet, Chris described in grisly detail how he killed his wife after some premeditation, writing, “All the weeks of me thinking about killing her, and now I was faced with it.”

It was also revealed in the letters that he first attempted to smother his daughters in their beds before returning to his own bedroom, where he argued with Shan’ann and killed her soon thereafter.

The girls, however, then “woke back up,” he wrote. “It makes the act that much worse knowing I went to their rooms first and knowing I still took their lives at the location,” he continued, presumably referring to the facility where he hid the three bodies.

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