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The Rainbow Football Coaching Centre: Where football meets goodwill

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Football has never been about the new jerseys or the branded shoes. Football is about the emotions and the dedication towards the sport and the overwhelming passion to carry on the true essence of the sport as well. The football world is filled with inspiring stories of the players making it big despite hailing from humble backgrounds. They had come across many hurdles in life but pushed through it and became the legends we know them as today.

One such story is of Sayanika Roy and she is determined to have it all and climb the ladder of success with her drive for football. The pandemic, in a way, helped her to pursue the sport. With ample of time in her hands, she went out with the local boys and girls and soon found something in football that kindled her spirit. She soon joined Rainbow Football Coaching (Rainbow FC).

The students of Rainbow FC gather at Janayati Yuba Kalyan Parishad practice ground in Odalbakra from where the football coaching operates. Founded by Peter Alex Todd and Subhas Tanti as one of his supporters and an acting coach, Rainbow FC has enabled many youngsters to try and pursue football; not only as a possible career option but with an agenda of creating a “football army” in Assam. The uniqueness of Rainbow FC is that they have been training around 40 students at a minimal rate of Rs 50-100 and in some cases, they are trained without any charge. Their selfless cause of creating a community of healthy and sound youth is commendable and a lesson to many to be kind and generous for all the gifts of life.

Lack of infrastructure and financial constraints are ruled out when you are on the field under Rainbow FC, as it is here to be inclusive of youngsters from all walks of life and nurture them for a health positive future and instill in them the respect and admiration for football or sports and outdoor activities in general. The Rainbow FC has also successfully managed to become an official member of AFCAI – Association of Football Clubs & Academics in India. Recognised for their efforts and zeal, Rainbow FC is now under a big umbrella and as well as on the path of fulfilling much bigger dreams of the youth.

Article by Medeline Terangpi
Visual by Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

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