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The Tale of Bhangarh: Do you believe in Ghosts?

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A 400-year-old fort, which is one of the most haunted places in India built by Raja Madho Singh (I) has interesting yet eerie stories. It borders Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Around 10,000 people lived in Bhangarh before they abandoned it overnight. One of the popular tales of this mystical fort is a curse by an evil magician.

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According to sources, the troubles arose in Bhangarh over hundreds of years ago, when an evil magician, fell in love with the beautiful princess Ratnawati. She has received countless marriage proposals and the magician knew he could never marry the princess, and to make her fall in love with him, he created a magic “potion.”

However, the princess suspected the unusual behavior, upon realizing, she took the bowl of “potion” and smashed it against the stone. It crushed the wizard, and before he died, he cursed the whole land and soon the curse came to pass as war with the neighboring kingdom killed thousands of people.

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Now, the fort is an infamous tourist attraction with legends and stories. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) looks after this fort. It prohibited entering the fort after sunset, and before the sunrise, which has struck a lot of theories of it being a legally haunted place. As a lot of people have felt being watched and hear weird noises in the rooms of the fort.

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The Indian government once appointed a group of paramilitary forces within this fort to know the truth. Many soldiers confirmed feeling uncomfortable, but nothing more. Notable paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari visited and investigated this fort, though he found nothing to be called a ghost. Moreover, researchers claimed it to be a mind game, as the place holds immense negative energy, to make one uncomfortable.

One of the locals said the signboard gave a lot of attention to the place, as people thought, this warning is because of Ghosts. It is practical for ASI, to prevent visitors at night, as the place is right next to Tiger reserves and wild animals roam the fort at night.

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Sometimes, they drag their hunted prey inside the fort to eat and rest till the morning. And one can easily notice the foul smell from the fort rooms. That was the main reason the ASI put the board outside to save people from tigers, but locals spread these rumors to attract tourists.

Although the places hold a lot of mystery that is still unsolved, but, these rumors of ghosts are nothing but a way to attract tourists and earn their daily bread.

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