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Third wave of Covid-19 will depend on two factors, virus mutation, and human mistakes

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With overall COVID-19 cases in India declining consistently over the past few weeks, several states have started easing COVID restrictions, and crowds have started swelling in the markets, where people could be seen not wearing masks and flouting COVID appropriate behaviour that could lead to an increase in cases again.

“In any pandemic, the wave depends on two important factors: One is virus related and second is human-related factors,” said Dr Neeraj Nischal, Assistant Professor Department of Medicine AIIMS, New Delhi According to Dr Nischal, virus mutation is not in someone’s hand but appropriate behaviour can avoid a surge in COVID cases.

“Now virus mutates and becomes more infectious. It is something which is beyond our control. But of course, if we do not allow this virus to replicate in our body then maybe this type of mutations can be avoided. What we can do to control is our behaviour. We have been talking about COVID appropriate behaviour for 15-16 months and we know that by COVID appropriate behaviour, one can stop these waves altogether. That had happened in the second wave also,” he said.

peaking on lockdown, the doctor said, “when the lockdown was introduced, everybody was forced to follow COVID appropriate behaviour and this wave stopped. So, it is important for us to follow COVID appropriate behaviour, as that is definitely helpful in stopping the spread of the infection.” He further said vaccination will also help in preventing infections. “Even if you get the infection then it will ensure that you don’t get a severe form of the disease,” he added.

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