Thirsty crow story turned into reality; Read to know more

All of us must have heard several stories either in books or from our parents and grandparents. Just like this, the story of thirsty crows is a familiar one to us. And that story has come into reality.

This recent video reminds us of the thirsty crow story

A video of crow’s wisdom is going viral on social media platforms. As we all know, the story is about a thirsty crow who in search of water and approaches a pot which has water in it, but the water is very low, because of which the crow was unable to drink it, although in its wisdom the crow puts the pebble inside the pot and brings the water up and drank the water.

The IQ level though

And the same story and moment have happened in real life where a thirsty crow can be seen wandering for water as a video is currently going viral which is shared by Praveen Angushami on social media saying “the IQ level though”.


It was clearly visible in this video how the crow wants to take out the water from the glass. But as the amount of water was little, he tried very hard to go inside but failed to extract that water.

Then, he started trying again but did not succeed in that work. Now he puts his idea on, and puts a small piece of l wood, and repeatedly tries to remove it. His effort swells and finally, the crow succeeds.

There are several similar videos which areas have gone viral

A similar video had gone viral before this, in which a thirsty crow spotted a tap and sat on top of it. Later the crow used its beak to open the tap and drank to its heart’s content and quenched its thirst.

IFS Susanta Nanda shared the video saying, “Skilled crow,” in the caption.

In another viral video, a magpie can be seen picking up stones and putting them into a water bottle so that the water goes up and it could drink water from it.

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