Tim Bergling: How the world lost a hero?

By: Uddipana Chowdhury, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

Did it hurt? When you realized you never got a chance to see Avicii live and never will? The starry face of heaven, beautiful and intricacy, is gone forever. And all these years the fandom have been telling death the same three lines that john Donne once did- 

“Death, be not proud,

though some have called thee 

mighty and dreadful”

Because death can only rest his weary body not his soul which will be free forever just after the body is killed. The legacy of Tim Bergling aka Avicii will remain forever. There will always be a deeper and more insidious illness in the hearts of the fandom because his music once saved them and taught them to fight for the numbness.

The king of EDM


On 8 September1989, Tim Bergling aka Avicii was born in Stockholm, Sweden. His Father is Klas Bergling and mother is a well known actress  Anki Lidén. He started his journey with mixing which he used to do in his bedroom from the age of eight. His three siblings are : Linda Sterner, David Bergling and actor Anton Körberg. He began making music after getting Inspired by his brother, who was also a DJ.

Oath to those never ending sleepless nights and depression that the poor soul have suffered alone

The new generation people are seen faking their smiles, pretending to be happy, hiding thousands of tear drops,going through sleepless nights, overthinking about unhealed past life traumas,& struggling with anxiety due to a huge load of work. And Tim was a victim of all. He was ambivalent about his success. 

He even talked openly about his anxiety, depression and addiction. “Everyone knows that I’ve been anxious and everything, and that I’ve been trying,” said tim.

Tim’s Father opening up about his son after a year of his departure

“CBS This Morning” in a live video talked about the Sweden artist where his Father was asked about his son’s sudden demise while having a conversation about Mental Health. 

On pointing toward Tim being very open about his mental condition in social media,his father said, “I think it’s brave of him to open up that way,” said Tim’s father, Klas Bergling.

“CBS This Morning” co-host Anthony Mason spoke with Klas , Tim’s Father in his first U.S. broadcast interview where he talked about his son and how he wanted him to be remembered “as a good person, as a good producer. He had a good heart.”

Klas was running his son’s business after his sudden death

As Tim’s career took off, Klas stayed involved, running his son’s business: “Yeah, I did. I kept the books. I ironed his, you know, what do you say, receipts?”

“His receipts?”

“Yeah. Because he put everything down in his pocket.”

“Did you really iron them?”

“Yeah, I did, actually. I did!”

Said his father with tears in his eyes. 

Touching Google Doodle remembers Avicii’s Life and Music on his 32nd birthday

On Sept. 8, the music and his life of the beloved artist was briefly brought into focus by a new Google Doodle, which dominated the Google homepage. It was focused on what would have been his 32nd birthday.

An illustration of the Swedish EDM star, who won the title of “The king of EDM”,  Tim Bergling, switched out the Google logo in more than 46 countries from all over the world.

Doodle artist Alyssa Winans

doodle artist alyssa winans 1 Tim The North-Eastern Chronicle

Alyssa Winans, a Doodle artist created the experience, an homage consists of music, memories and mental health into a 90-second clip and also coincided with National Suicide Prevention Week.

“I’m very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work on this doodle and get a glimpse into Tim’s life,” Winans says in a statement. “The feeling of warmth and wonder that he approached music with was a huge inspiration for me. I wanted to honor Tim by spending the majority of the video on the aspects he loved the most of his life, while including symbolic moments that alluded to the more emotionally challenging experiences.”

Tim left a kind of ache that would never be healed

His fandom still shed tears in social media for his sudden demise asking for more investigation in his case. The devastated fandom is still suffering from the trauma given by him. 

“I’m not much of a dancer nor I’m a fan of crowd but when He said he’ll continue to speak to his people through music i found myself dancing, feet jumping higher, esuphoria at its peak, moon dust in my lungs, stars in my eyes, i was a child of cosmos, a ruler of the sky. But when I looked around I saw everyone doing the same. His music was like a disease that affected different genres. And by the time the bass dropped even my sorrows were rooting for the beats hitting the dance floor one by one.” A fan writes with a broken heart emoji.

Tim said “someday I’ll be gone but all I want is people to remember me For the life I lived Not the money I made.” That’s what we are doing now. Aren’t we?

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