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Did You Know about these top 5 career options that you can opt for?

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During our childhood days we often encounter a very common question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. So, the answer we had back then and the answer we have after formally completing or education mostly changes.

Although, all of have different skills and everyone is made of something different, but opting for a career in India that is secure and provides a decent job satisfaction still remains one of the mainstream choices for freshers.

But then will you be driven to do a job which isn’t interesting to you or suits your skills. So, instead if you earn a living by doing something you love, you enjoy, you’ll work harder at it and eventually success and prosperity will follow.

2020 and 2021 has been a surprising year, as the pandemic caused many changes in our society. On one side where some companies were facing downfall, employees were losing their jobs and the same time it also brought new job opportunities to light. To help you determine your career, we have prepared a list. So let’s dive in-

Digital Marketing

digital marketing career The North-Eastern Chronicle

We all are quite aware of the fact that a brand be it small or big, promoting their product is of utmost priority. Today, with the rise of digital tools, especially social media platforms, where a considerable number of people engage every day, the digital form of marketing has become one of the foremost ways of promotions.

As per information, demand for digital marketing in India has increased by 25%-30%  Digital marketing specialists are similar to marketing professionals, only that their specialty is within online platforms like social media.

Every company tries and makes the best efforts to promote their brand better then their competitors, therefore digital marketing is an essential tool for every company and the demand for it is and will be quite high.

Cyber Security Expert


Recently, there has a been a spike in the number of cyber attacks. As we are starting to depend on internet and various apps we are also becoming vulnerable to such cyber attacks.

Due to which companies are becoming more cautious about securing and monitoring their data and their comes the need of Cyber Security Expert. Companies are more focused on securing their network and information and are constantly looking for Cyber Security Experts to join their teams. Even amidst the recession, the Cyber Security domain has seen steady growth and demand.

Youtuber or Youtube as a career

Youtuber or Youtube as a career career The North-Eastern Chronicle

In today’s scenario, everyone can prove his/her talent via broadcasting their video content on YouTube that too free of cost. YouTube content is not confined, you have a talent and YouTube is your platform to showcase it.

There are opportunities flooded on these platforms and it is one of the trending & funky career options for the youngsters where there is no boundary to limit the growth and reachability of their video content.

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer career The North-Eastern Chronicle

Nowadays, brands are starting to rely on social media Influencer to help promote their products. Once you’re a able to connect to a handsome amount of followers you could influence people to buy any product or avail any service that you are offering to them & that’s how you earn money from the respective product or service providing brands.

Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing career The North-Eastern Chronicle

For a creative person, with capabilities to design unique and special using certain softwares then graphics designing is an apt job for you.

As a graphic designer you could get easily hired by television channels, Digital Marketing agencies, and you could be a freelancer and work on various projects, and earn. Part of your job description will include developing layouts for product illustrations, creating new logos for startups and rebranding companies, designing user interface and campaign art, etc.

It is on demand  and will be as companies will want to run ambitious marketing campaigns and will need someone to actualize the marketing concepts.

Hence, picking the right career is a significant decision. With the advanced times, skills have become an inevitable requirement that makes people suitable for any work.

If you have the right skills to achieve your goals in life, you must take up unique career options that remain unexplored and along with offering money, your job most importantly should deliver you satisfaction at the end.

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