Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Top 5 skills in demand! Do you have one of these?

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Time is changing, with it, it’s a necessity that is also changing. Skills which we needed in the past are not suitable in the present. We all need to up our game.

In this never-ending competition between oneself and others, it is very important to grow and be worthy of doing things.

Today’s job requires skills which have become a necessity for working in an office. Knowing which skill is required for specific work is very important. One should be prompt to learning new things. Here are the top five skills which you should develop:



Many big companies are moving their businesses function to the cloud. So it creates a great opportunity for those who want to learn it. People managing it are known as the cold engineer who works in managing this computing system to help the user save and back up their data anytime without any hassle.

This feature has been introduced to every digital device and helps users to save and back up data from which they can revive anytime.

It requires technical skills to perform migration and having the ability to tackle cloud service providers and ensure the safety of their customer’s data and implementing best practices.

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) and designing are the two 21st century skills that will boost your CV landing you a good pay job. Now many companies are trying to adopt the AI technique to sideline workers and to decrease their costing.

People with this skill are now in high demand. They build, test, and manage organization underlined infrastructure. They have a high salary too. To develop these skills an individual should have a good hold in coding, engineering, software design, statistics, and its related skills.



Every company needs a good salesperson for being profitable. Knowing the market and how to mold according to it is very important. Sales Executives should be prompt and should know their craft of dealing with people.

Opportunities for sales executives are in abundance, leadership should be a helpful gesture for the people in the job. Doing your job without exploiting people and helping them in their growth is the main work.

We often see sales executives exploit people for reaching their target for the month and as a result, creates a negative image of themselves. This should be avoided at all costs. To be in this job one should have skills like communicating, motivating skills, skills in coaching, and team building.



For a company to run, analysis is the very important part. Companies find such individuals who can efficiently solve problems in a given time and such skills is always highly in demand.

Analysts are often referred to as systematic individuals with knowledge of tackling a situation in a calm and composed manner. Such attributes are needed to be an analyst.

Brainstorming, detecting patterns, interpreting data, observing, theorizing, integrating new information, and making decisions based on multiple factors and options available all require the use of analytical skills.



Digitally the world is coming closer and we are learning new things every day. Companies nowadays appoint individuals who know different languages which will help in the growth of the company globally. Translators play a vital role in national protection from other countries too.

A translator should have a fluent knowledge about the language translating from to the language translated. For having such fluency one should spend some time in the place or country to know the learned language properly.

Translators have many job opportunities such as in schools, government jobs, public guides, and many more.

These are the top skills one should have know to grab opportunities for themselves. Nowadays individuals can learn from many online platforms and apps to be up to date. And learning is a never-ending process and does not need to have a specific age to do so. So people can use their free time learning such skills which may help them in future.

Visuals by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

Article by Sroweta Kar, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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