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Transgender-only toilet built in Varanasi, four more to come up

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In a progressive move, Uttar Pradesh sees its first transgender toilet built by the government in the Kamachha area of Varanasi under the Smart City project to engage the community in the cause of cleanliness in the state.

“It is the first transgender toilet in Uttar Pradesh. We will build more wherever they are required,” said Mridula Jaiswal, Varanasi Mayor, who inaugurated it on Thursday.

Gaurang Rathi, the municipal commissioner of Varanasi, said: “These toilets are only for third genders and not for the others. This was a long-awaited demand as they have faced a lot of difficulties. We plan to build four more of them in the upcoming two to three months.”

“This has been done in order to promote all kinds of inclusivity in the Prime Minister’s constituency,” he added.

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