Thursday, December 9, 2021

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TRENDING! Ever heard about rainbow Snake? If no, then watch this viral video

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Have you at any point seen a Rainbow Reticulated Python? If you haven’t, you should watch this video at present.

Jay Brewer, Founder of the Reptile Zoo in California, shared this amazing video of a Reticulated Python, and its shading that will leave you paralyzed. He had shared this video on his Instagram handle in May this year.

Increasing each day, view reached over 48 million

Jay Brewer often takes to his Instagram handle to share incredible videos featuring snakes from his zoo. This video of the rainbow python, which he shared about two weeks ago, has gone crazy viral on social media with over 48 million views.

The video has 3.3 million likes. Brewer begins the video by showcasing the snake lying in a box. “He is living life reflecting art,” Brewer can be seen saying in the video.


Netizens couldn’t stop talking about the snake’s incredible color

The comments section is replete with remarks like “beautiful” and “amazing”. “She is unreal (sic),” a user commented.
The Internet is mesmerized by the snake’s incredible color. “Beautiful creature,” read a comment. “Wowwwwww what a beauty (sic),” another comment read.

This incredible video of a snake is crazy viral with 48 million views. Have you seen it?

Support yourself, since what you are going to watch is this mind-boggling video of a python.

Presently, you might ask, snakes are interchangeable to risk so what makes this video staggering. All things considered, this video shared by Jay Brewer, Founder of the Reptile Zoo in California, includes a mind-blowing Rainbow Reticulated Python and its tone has left everybody shocked.

Check out Jay Brewer’s interview sayings

Rainbow snake 1 rainbow The North-Eastern Chronicle

The video was captioned: “MyLove’s iridescence just never gets old.”

Jay Brewer, the founder of The Reptile Zoo, told Fox News that “MyLove was bred at the zoo and has the motley gene and the golden child gene, which is what makes her scales so colorful and bright in sunlight.” “She’s a super, super sweet snake,” Brewer told Fox. “Her disposition is one of the best I’ve seen.”

He added that this isn’t the first time My Love has gone viral. Any time they post pictures of her on social media, the posts get plenty of attention. “She’s probably one of the most famous snakes in the world,” Brewer said. “She’s made it big on the internet.”

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