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Tripura: Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb launches CM’s Helpline 1905

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Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb, on Monday, launched CM’s Helpline 1905 which aims to bridge the distance between the people of the state and the government. He says that he wants to get rid of the obstacles to the development of the state.

CM’s Helpline is for the people of Tripura

This helpline number has a dedicated call centre service which will keep an eye on the complaints coming directly from the people of the state and then these complaints will be forwarded to the respective departments for the necessary and required actions.

According to the CM, if the person who makes the complaint is happy or satisfied with the action the call will close, however, if they are not then the concerned department will take the required action within just a few days.

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Moreover, the call centre is set up in the premises of Information Technology (IT) Bhawan which is built-in Agartala.

CM Deb’s interaction with the common folk

With the launch’s focus mainly on the interaction between the CM and the people, after the launch, he also had a talk with them directly face-to-face while giving instructions to the officials to take necessary measures.

During the launching event, CM Deb also says that he wants to end the politics which creates obstacles in every area of development.

He claims, “I have talked with two people, one from Ranirbazar in Jirania subdivision and another person called from Indranagar in Agartala. Now, I or my officials do not know from which political background they belong. I want to end this culture. Politics should be confined to the election period while rest of the time, people should know us for our work in the sector of public utility.”

Aim to make ‘governance’ accessible to every doorstep

According to the CM, their aim is to make ‘governance’ accessible to every doorstep and to promote the 1,204 common service centres (CSCs) in order to take governance to the people.

Later on his social media, he also says that with the launch of this helpline, he will be able to connect with the people of Tripura directly and that they are just a call away from solving their problems.

Moreover, he also mentions the CM Yuva Communication scheme, under which the government provided mobile phones to final year students in 2020. He adds that the government will increase the number of mobile phones which will be provided this year.

More about the CM Helpline

According to officials, the CM Helpline has an emergency response support system (ERSS) of the police department where in case of emergency calls it will directly transfer the call immediately to ERSS and then follow up respectively.

Citizens of Tripura will be able to access or contact the CM Helpline from 8 AM to 9 PM on all working days. Based on the people’s response, it will be upgraded to a 24X7 toll-free helpline number.

Lastly, it will also provide the citizens various opportunities to make queries to or even collect information.

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