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Tripura: Reports of alleged BJP workers attacking newspaper office and injuring journalists shocks all

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Tripura witnessed unprecedented violence on Wednesday with guns and arson. Tripura seems to be in an uneasy state after a series of events related to political violence occurred. 

A gang of suspected BJP politicians and volunteers tore through the office of Pratibadi Kalam, a vernacular newspaper, on Wednesday, injuring at least four journalists and destroying property.

Police report filed against the vandals; CPM offices reported to be set on fire

Image Credit: The Hindu

Pratibadi Kalam’s editor and publisher, Anal Roy Chowdhury, filed a police report alleging that the vandals ransacked the daily’s Agartala offices where they destroyed equipment, documents, as well as automobiles and bikes.

Some CPM offices have also been set on fire, according to reports. Minister Pratima Bhoumik led the parade in West Tripura’s Kathalia, according to ANI.

Incident allegedly carried out by BJP workers; FIR report details

The incident occurred after a BJP rally and was allegedly carried out by BJP workers and leaders.

“The incident resulted in the injury of at least four reporters. As a large police contingent kept silent, all papers and documents, computers, and CCTV cameras were destroyed. Nothing was done by the police “, reads the FIR.

“I’ve learned that our local committee’s office, which had been locked for over 2.5 years, has been damaged and attacked. One of our vehicles was set on fire, “CPM’s Bijan Dhar spoke with ANI.

In addition to lathis and sharp cutting dangerous weapons, one of our journalists, named Prasenjit Saha, was gravely injured by a sharp cutting instrument that struck him on the back of his skull.

Senior members of the Tripura media threatened to lead an uprising

After 12 hours, senior members of the Tripura media threatened to lead an uprising against the attackers.

Afterward, Mr. Chowdhury told the media that such a dangerous, violent attack on a media office had never happened in Tripura.

There were many media organizations and prominent Journalists and editors who attended the Pratibadi Kalam office, including Agartala Press Club Secretary Pranab Sarkar, who condemned the incident. There was a call for the arrest of individuals who were involved in the incident immediately.

“After 12 hours if the assailants aren’t arrested by the police, we’ll start a big agitation to get justice. Damages caused by the government must be compensated “After meeting with police authorities, Mr. Sarkar remarked.

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