Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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UAE court jails woman for sneaking into husband’s phone; states it as violation of husband’s privacy

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A civil court in Ras Al Khaimah in UAE has jailed a wife for secretly sneaking into her husband’s text messages.

The woman was also ordered to pay a fine of Dh5,400, which is roughly around 1.9 lakhs in Indian Rupees.

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Allegations by the husband

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The husband filed a lawsuit demanding compensation for the damage he sustained as a result of his wife’s actions after she sent his pictures to his family and insulted him.

The husband claimed he lost his salary due to his absence from work to pursue the case and had to shell out for attorney fees too. He also stated that the case had caused him psychological damage.

Allegations by the wife

The wife alleged that her husband abused her verbally and debarred her from her marital home along with her daughter without any support.

Wife proved guilty by the court


After scrutinizing the evidence, the court proved that the wife violated the privacy of her husband by spying on his phone, sharing pictures and recordings, and insulting him through a means of communication. 

Evidence also proved that the husband incurred expenses and deserved financial compensation.

Final Verdict by the court

The court made a judgment that the wife violated the privacy of her husband by spying on his phone, transferring his photos and recordings, and sharing them with his family in order to distort his image.

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