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Shocking! UK Woman Finds her Pizza with the most weird toppings! Read to know!

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A woman from UK was horrified to see nuts and bolts topped on her pizza. Pizza has become a popular fast food among children and adults as well. Pizza makers experiment with the kind of toppings they use to make it look more attractive to catch any fast food lover’s eye. 

But it is unbelievable to see it coming with some horrible toppings that would make any customer scared to eat it again without checking if there are any nuts and bolts in their pizza. 

UK woman with her worst experience with Domino’s Pizza


Gemma Barton, a native of Lancashire, England, was taken aback when she saw nuts and bolts in her Domino’s pizza.

She took the issue to Facebook and wrote in a post with pictures of the contaminated pizza and questioned the pizza chain about not checking it beforehand. 

About her Facebook post

nuts and bolts in Dominos pizza UK The North-Eastern Chronicle

“Absolutely horrified by what I found in my dominos order the other night. Can’t believe I ate half of this. Domino’s do a quality check?! Yeah, right! A full-on NUT AND BOLT baked in the pizza,” she exclaimed in a Facebook post. 

In the pictures, we could spot nuts and bolts in the pizza, camouflaged by the cheese. The metal parts indeed seemed dangerous and a ‘serious choking hazard,’ as Ms. Barton called it.

“PLEASE PLEASE double check your pizzas before eating I’d hate if I or anyone ingested these,” she wrote. She also asked people to share her post to spread awareness about the horrible incident. 

“I’d hate if this was a more serious matter for someone else,” she concluded in her post.

Domino’s apologizes

A statement was later issued by Domino’s, and they apologized for their horrible mistake. 

“At Domino’s, we take customer satisfaction and safety extremely seriously – contamination of this nature is extremely rare. As soon as we received Ms. Barton’s complaint in July, we apologised for the distress caused and thoroughly investigated it at the store level. 

We swiftly offered Ms. Barton a full refund, which she accepted at the time. We have reminded our store team of the correct process to avoid any future issues of this nature,” they stated in a report by Metro UK.

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