In a major breakthrough religious harmony, the Hindu and Sikh communities of a Punjab village have built a mosque for the village’s Muslim residents.

The locals informed that four Muslim families live in the village of Bhullar but there is no public mosque unlike Hindu and Sikh communities that have public places of worship. And because of that Muslim families had to travel to some other sites to offer their prayers. Hence, members of Hindu and Sikh Community raises a Mosque for their Muslim Brethrens through Funds from Donations.

The villagers contributed money, gathered donations and monetary contributions towards the mosque’s construction. The whole Hindu and Sikh population of the area has generously given funds for the project and assisted in the construction of a spacious mosque. There are just four Muslim households in the area who remained in India following the split in 1947.

“All the village families extended help to us making monetary donations ranging from Rs. 100 to 1 lakh. They have made our endeavors successful”, said a member of the committee which has built the mosque.

“There was a mosque before the Partition in 1947 but its structure turned to ruins with time. We have four Muslim families in the village that chose to stay back and since then, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh families live in harmony in our village,” said the Sarpanch of the village.

The mosque’s foundation stone was supposed to be laid last week, but heavy rains ruined the event. The village’s Sikh community opened the doors of a gurdwara to accommodate the event and even organised langar.


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