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International Day for Universal access to Information (IDUAI) 2021

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Before jumping into depth, why not first understand what universal access to information means? So basically, it means that everyone has the right to receive, seek and impart information. Information is power and information helps spread awareness, and then just imagine how valuable and important sharing of right information is. In a democratic nation, we all understand the value of sharing positive and important information.


universal access to information

The day of glory i.e., the International day for the universal access to information also known as the access to information day is globally observed every year on 28th September. It was decided on 17th of November 2015 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that it will be observed for the betterment of in-depth flow of information.

What is all about access to information?

Access to information is a basic human right and henceforth is important for all, but it also represents a key pillar for resilient and for inclusive knowledge for the societies and with that also includes sustainable development.

The Objective of organizing the 2021 IDUAI

Universal access to Information Universal The North-Eastern Chronicle

Protecting and promoting access to information improves transparent governance, helps protect our health, reduces inequalities, contributes to sustainable development, strengthens resilience and with that also addresses climate change. In times of global crises at whatever period of time, whether it concerns our health, or saving our planet, it becomes vital to have what the Sustainable Development Goals urge us to achieve, namely public access to information and fundamental freedoms as part of our future.

Access to Information Day of 2021 will this time highlight the role of access to information laws and vitality, what will be their actual information to build back an effective, accountable and inclusive institution for the effectiveness and well being of the public.

It will also, on the other hand, focus on how the countries need specialized and strong oversight bodies to ensure that the government should make information available to the audience proactively as well as to respond to and understand and revert back to public queries.

Each citizen should take ownership of their Right to Information to ensure that they can make informed decisions and with regards to look forward with the best regards for humanity and the planet earth we survive on.

More in depth idea about the event

It will spread awareness in the form of webinars, where the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization i.e., the UNESCO will organize seven online events dated 28th and 29th of September 2021 of this year.

The virtual celebration and discussion will also focus and address best practices, new approaches, regional specificities and the independent overnight bodies, open data and challenges in the digital era.

It has partners across the globe to protect and celebrate our human right of Right to Information and access to it. As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a great downfall to human kind, let’s unite together and build a better next or a better future for everyone.

Not only that, different government and non government organizations have taken up various programs to mark the day and to spread the word as much as possible.

Right to Know Universal The North-Eastern Chronicle

Everyone has their #RighttoKnow of whatever is happening across the globe and the UNESCO in this helps the public to get that basic right for their well being and acknowledgement.

We humans have the freedom and on top of that whatever basic rights and duties are assigned to us, should be followed and done with utmost dedication. Thus, it can be seen how important Right to Information is for the mass public.

The theme of 2021 for IDUAI will be- ‘The Right to Know- Building Back Better with Access to Information.’

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