On June 21, two siblings from Silchar, Assam were reportedly given the second dose of Covishield vaccine after being administered the first shot of Covaxin in May. Sayantan Bhattacharjee, one of the two siblings, said they booked their slots only after 100 of them for Covaxin were available at a school in Hailakandi. Bhattacharjee also informed that they got their doses but were later told that they have been administered Covishield. He also said that he recorded his conversation with a health worker confirming that they were administered Covishield instead of Covaxin and were even offered fake certificates.

“There was no physical distance or proper wearing of masks. However, since it had been almost 42 days since our first dose, we decided to get the vaccine… We went to get the vaccine knowing that Covaxin was being given. Even the message that was sent to us mentioned Covaxin. But the health worker gave us Covishield instead. I think there are many people who were getting Covishield instead of Covaxin in this process.”

Bhattacharjee said when they threatened to expose the matter, the health workers said that they have only been provided with Covishield. “This means even though slots for Covaxin were shown on the app, many people are getting Covishield as the second dose. We do not know yet what the side effects of this might be, but we are now afraid.”

Ashutosh Barman, Hailakandi’s joint director (health services), has suspended the centre’s verifier and also has ordered an investigation.


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